Police report a series of thefts from Waitrose in June - and from cars

Written by Tony Millett on .


A report by the Marlborough area's Community Policy Team to the Town Council (July 24), revealed a series of seven thefts and attempted thefts from Waitrose in just over a fortnight.

Between June 3 and June 20 the store reported to police seven attempts to steal goods - mainly alcohol.  One incident involved a woman who filled two bags she had hung from the trolley hook with drink worth a total of £500.

In another incident a woman lined her trolley with 'bags for life' and toilet rolls, filled the centre with 'expensive grocery items', covered them with large bags of crisps and left without paying.  Staff ran after her, retrieved the trolley, but the woman drove away.

In a third incident staff intervened as a man filled his trolley with bottles and began to cover them with crisp packets: "When challenged, the man became aggressive towards the staff and left the store.  Just before leaving, the male said 'Bring four of them [members of staff] and I will take them all on'."

Although some of those involved in the seven cases were caught on CCTV in the store, it has not yet been said whether any arrests have been made.

Other crimes in this report included two instances of cars being broken into at the A4 parking bay used by those walking up to the West Kennet Long Barrow.

This report comes soon after the announcement that recorded crime in Wiltshire in the 12 months to March 2017 rose by nine per cent - compared to a national increase of ten per cent.

"Although the dramatic improvement in the quality of crime recording has impacted on the results, there are still spikes in burglary and vehicle crime.  Tackling burglary is now a Force priority and we’ve also invested in our
crime prevention awareness concerning vehicle crime."

Figures released on the last day of the Parliamentary term revealed police numbers across England and Wales have fallen to a 30-year low - the lowest number since comparable records began in 1996.