Burbage's Three Horseshoes planning decision

Written by Tony Millett on .

Wiltshire Council have refused planning permisison on an application to turn the Three Horseshoes Inn at Stibb Green, Burbage into a private residence.

The Council's planning staff ruled that:  "The proposed development would result in the loss of a public house within a village, when it has not been adequately demonstrated that the continuation of the existing commercial use or alternative community uses would be unviable."

"The proposed development would therefore be contrary to Core Policy CP 49 of the Wiltshire Core Strategy (2015) and [National Planning Policy Framework] (2018)."

The applicant was Red Star WSL Limited a Windsor based company which has been involved in turning pubs into private homes.  It successfully applied to turn the French Horn by the canal in Pewsey into a private residence.

The applicant has six months in which to appeal the decision on the Three Horseshoes.  The full application and decision notice can be found here.