Area crime update - wk/comm 3 June

Written by Neil Goodwin on .


Below are details of the latest crimes committed in Marlborough and surrounding villages.  If you have any information or CCTV that could aid Police with any of the below enquiries please do not hesitate to call 101 quoting the incident number beginning with 5419,  or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111


Area:   Marlborough
Type:    Theft
Time/Date:   04/06/2019 10:55
Details:     Marlborough Business Park, SN8 4AE  - Unknown suspect/s have reached into reporting person's shoulder bag on her shoulder and stolen her purse and contents


Area:   Marlborough
Type:    Theft
Time/Date:  05/06/2019 15:33
Details:     High Street, Marlborough, SN8 1HF  -  Victim is 100 years old and walks with a walking frame around the shops doing her shopping.  She hangs her purse around her neck like a school satchel.  While shopping a unknown suspect has dipped into the front pocket of her bag and removed her blue parking badge and made off with it. 


Area:   A4, Avebury
Type:    RTC - Injury
Time/Date:  05/06/2019 15:31
Details:     A4, Avebury  -  Two vehicle RTC with injury

Area:  Baydon
Type:    PSW - Suspicious circumstances/ Insecure Premises/ Vehicles
Time/Date:  05/06/2019 18:42
Details:    Baydon, Aldbourne Rd near Manor Lane, SN8 2JB  -  Unknown males have driven into the stable yard and appeared to be looking around. One checked the gate and one checked inside the stable block.

Area:  Marlborough
Type:  RTC - Death/Injury
Time/Date:  05/06/2019  21:40
Details:    Marlborough, High Street  SN8 1HF  -   Cyclist vs car.  Cyclist has gone into the back of a vehicle, sustaining injuries

Area:  Marlborough
Type:    Miscellaneous crimes against Society offences
Time/Date:  07/06/2019   16:45
Details:    Marlborough, London Road, SN8 2RN  -   Two unknown males have entered store and both purchased low value goods at £5 and both handed over £50 notes.  Staff have not checked the notes straight away and not until after both males left the store did they confirm them to be counterfeit.

Area:  Marlborough
Type:    Theft
Time/Date:  07/06/2019   19:06
Details:    Marlborough, Hertford Road, SN8 4FD  -   Unknown male has pulled up to pump 1 and placed £10.00 of diesel into his vehicle.  The male has come into the garage and purchased some scratch cards.  When asked if he has fuel he said no

Area:  Marlborough
Type:    Theft
Time/Date:  08/06/2019  08:21
Details:    Marlborough, Hertford Road, SN8 4FD  - Unknown male has pulled up to the petrol and filled up his vehicle with unleaded petrol to the value £34.97.  Suspect has gone into the store and told staff his wife has filled up the vehicle, he then said he would go back to the car to check with his wife.  He has got into the car and drove off without paying for the fuel.   Suspect - white male, late 50's - early 60's, Wearing flat cap, dark chequered shirt, raincoat, jeans, dark shoes and glasses.

Area:  Marlborough
Type:    Theft
Time/Date:  09/06/2019  14:58
Details:    Marlborough, Hughenden Yard, High Street, SN8 1LT  -  Unknown suspect has stolen victim's phone whilst she has been out clubbing.

Area:  Marlborough
Type:    Burglary Business and Community
Time/Date:  10/06/2019   06:39
Details:    Marlborough, High Street  SN8 1HN  -  Unknown suspects have smashed open the front door to commercial property and safe stolen from staff office