Pewsey School Council meets the Parish Council

Written by Peter Davison on .

Pewsey Primary School Council members at a Pewsey Parish Council meetingPewsey Primary School Council members at a Pewsey Parish Council meetingPupils from Pewsey Primary School joined Pewsey Parish Council at their October meeting. 

The children are members of their own School Council; elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school.

Representatives from each year group joined the monthly Parish Council meeting, beginning by asking questions they had prepared earlier, then sitting in on the first half of the official Council meeting.

Parish Councillors commended pupils on their impeccable behaviour and the sensible questions they posed, ranging from ‘Who runs the meetings?’ to ‘How long has the Parish Council existed?’, and ‘Do you have to live in Pewsey to be allowed on the Parish Council?’ to ‘Do you sit in a special chair during the meetings or wear any special badges or uniform?’.

Interestingly, one parish councillor revealed he had copies of minutes from meetings that had taken place over 100 years ago when his great-grandfather was on the committee.

The Council meetings usually take place in the village hall, however, on one occasion they held a meeting at the village supermarket, but this proved to be one of their most unsuccessful meetings!

The children learned that members are elected to the Parish Council in much the same way as they are elected to their School Council, and must live within a five-mile radius of Pewsey to be eligible for election.

There was no evidence of ‘special chairs’ at the meeting, however Council members do wear name badges.

The Parish Council rounded off the lively and interesting Q&A session by asking the School Council to spend some time in their own meetings discussing how they believe the village could be improved for young people.

The children gained lots of information and ideas about how to run a Council meeting and will be using some of these in their own School Council meetings.