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Written by Tony Millett on .


For many younger children of the Marlborough area education is about to take a great leap forward - a certain leap for the better.

When the building now housing Marlborough St Mary's Primary School junior section - still known to most as St Peter's School - closes its doors next month, decades of our area's education history will be over.

In September a brand new school with an exciting design will open for the combined infants and juniors of Marlborough St Mary's Primary school.  That is something long wanted - long needed - for the town and the area.


But - and ain't there always a but? - the wider education picture looks a trifle on the grey side.  The government's precise policies for education seem as though they're in a state of some flux as election promises wilt in the face of the election result and the dominance of Brexit.  Perhaps the Queen's Speech will clarify the way forward - or, as some will argue, backwards.

During the election campaign many questions were raised about England's education - about grammar schools, about the fairness of school funding and about the unfairness of cuts to school budgets...and so on.  

Some candidates bumped up against cross parents.   These were often parents who suddenly found themselves being asked to subsidise the education they were paying for through their taxes...and so on.

So, over the next months, is going to put education further towards the centre of our agenda.  

Our reporter Sue Round, herself a former teacher, will be concentrating more on school matters, continuing to reflect schools' achievements and events.  Please contact her with school news - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with SUE ROUND in the subject box.

We do also, of course, want to hear of any changes in schools - whether or not they are brought about by budget cuts.

Today we introduce our new education columnist:  Michael Cope.  He lives in Marlborough and has long experience of schools in the area.   He will be looking at many aspects of education policy and practice as they affect our area's children - and their parents.