'Beyond challenge' – Burbage Primary School trio's fundraising sky dive

Written by Sue Round on .

The Headteacher of Burbage Primary School, Nicola Coupe, with reception class teacher Bev Thompson and parent Anita Campbell are all back to earth again after a 15,000 feet (that's almost 3 miles up) sky dive on June 17. So far this impressive feat has raised over £3000 towards a new classroom and wildlife area for the school.

Nicola told marlborough.news: “The experience was certainly unforgettable and it was a stunning day. The exit from the plane and freefall part was so unreal and terrifying that my brain couldn’t compute what was happening."

"It was way beyond challenge and well into my danger zone! Whilst I would absolutely NOT do it again, I did enjoy the parachute part and we could see all the way to the Isle of Wight, Southampton and Stonehenge. The BEST bit was the landing, BY FAR.”

Students, friends and family watched as the trio emerged from the plane in a minute’s free fall before the parachutes opened and floated them back to earth.

Anita said, “I was so proud to support Burbage Primary School. It was the most extraordinary experience of a lifetime and I’d love to do it again.”


A sky dive has been on Bev’s bucket list for some time: “It was a lovely day with staff and families supporting us. I’m so proud of our wonderful school community.”

The school hopes building work for the new classroom will start over the summer holidays.

Meanwhile fund raising continues.  The Smartie Challenge asks each family to explore a tube of Smarties mathematically and then eat them. Year 6 students have calculated that by filling the empty tube with 5ps, 20ps and £1 coins, £3000 could be raised.

The school is also collecting any foreign coins which can be converted into funds for the classroom project.

There she goes...There she goes...  ...a very happy landing......a very happy landing...  Phew! L to R: Anita Campbell, Nicola Coupe, Bev Thompson [Click on photos to enlarge them]Phew! L to R: Anita Campbell, Nicola Coupe, Bev Thompson [Click on photos to enlarge them]
The Summer Fair on July 1 from 1.30 to 4.00 at Burbage Primary School will also raise money. It features a barbecue and beer tent, Pony Poo Bingo, archery, plant sale, tombola, vintage car display and much more.

There is also a Sealed Bid Auction which offers an impressive range of experiences such as a ride on a combine harvester, a private flight from Thruxton Airfield, a tour of Heathrow’s control tower, a group carriage ride, a drum/orchestral percussion lesson.

Bids are accepted at the school office (01672 810452) or at the stall at the Summer Fair.  You can read the full list here.

And there's a Just Giving page here.