Liberté, égalité, fraternité - Vive la Révolution! Ramsbury Primary celebrates Bastille Day

Written by Sue Round on .

Singing the MarseillaiseSinging the MarseillaisePupils at Ramsbury Primary School enjoyed a day of Bastille Day linked activities on Thursday July 12, two days ahead of the real French Fête Nationale on July 14.  The activities were designed to bring the events of July 14 1789 to life and to teach the pupils more about French history, culture and way of life.

Pupils chose to dress either as French peasants or aristocrats or in the Tricolore (red/white/blue). During the day they had the opportunity to learn about eighteenth century fashion and to design their own outrageous ‘pouf’ wig.

And some as aristocrats complete with pouf wigAnd some as aristocrats complete with pouf wigAnd some children dressed as peasantsAnd some children dressed as peasantsThey also visited a classroom that was used solely to illustrate why the Bastille Prison became a symbol of the revolution.

Art and design activities included building an Eiffel Tower and learning about the significance of the construction of the original in 1889, as well as making Tricolore flags and rosettes.

All children learned the ‘Marseillaise’.  The significance of the lyrics was explained leading to a discussion about why the French National anthem is so different to our English one.  The day closed with the whole school performing a rousing ‘Marseillaise’ with plenty of flag waving.

Ramsbury Primary School is rated Outstanding by OFSTED. All the children learn French.  It is hoped that days like the Bastille Day will stimulate increased interest in the French language.