Football: Long overdue win gets Marlborough Ladies to next round of Cup

Written by Alex Simmonds on .

Marlborough Town Ladies 6 Warminster Sky Blues 1

A home game on Sunday, and the first round of the cup meant that spirits were high for Marlborough Town Ladies as they came out to defend their cup title.

They started the game energetically, gaining possession early and passing well.

It was only a few minutes into the game when Kerry Ash made a run down the right wing before taking a long range shot which flew into the back of the net.

It was a great start but, only ten minutes later, Marlborough had a slip in concentration which resulted in a Warminster goal.

Determined to take control of the game, Marlborough worked hard to win every ball and maintain possession.

They moved up the pitch and settled into the Warminster half. A great cross from Kerry, gave Dani Hull an opportunity in front of goal. She took it calmly and slotted the ball past the goal keeper's reach.

Before the half was up, Ffion Williams scored and Dani got another. 4-1 at half time and spirits were high.

Marlborough came out for the second half more determined and disciplined than ever. They dominated the game and played some wonderful football.

Despite the muddy conditions and worsening rain, Ffion and Dani were both able to get another goal each.

When the final whistle blew, Marlborough were elated with a long overdue win and a place in the next round of the cup.