Marlborough’s Sports Forum given £1,000 grant to boost its work

Written by Gerald Isaaman on .

The Marlborough Sports Forum is to be given a £1,000 grant by the town council to boost its campaign aimed at promoting and developing sport and sports facilities in the area.

The funding will come out of a residue of £2,600 that remains unspent in the budget of the Marlborough town council’s finance and policy committee.

And it follows the creation of a “mission statement” from the Sports Forum that was presented to the committee, which includes encouraging young people to participate in sport and to support them with financial assistance when appropriate.

The Forum also plans to create its own website to increase awareness of its activities.

“We should be facilitating and helping organisations like this in the town and supporting their activities,” Councillor Guy Loosmore told the committee.

And Councillor Peggy Dow added: “Organisations like this are working so hard in the town and we should give them all the help we can.”