Marlborough College students win the Mayor’s Cup in athletics match

Written by Gerald Isaaman on .

There were a significant 15 points in it on Tuesday when students from Marlborough College and St John’s competed in the annual athletics match between the two schools for the Mayor’s Cup.

It was the College students who were victorious – by 146 points to 131 – and pictured are students Josie Hampel and Henry Alexander receiving the trophy from Marlborough’s mayor, Councillor Alexander Kirk Wilson.

The handsome trophy was given back in 1961 by Graham Parnell, of the American city of Marlborough, Mass, to the then Mayor of Marlborough, E J Free, for competition between the then three local secondary schools. Since 1977 the match has been between just the College and St John’s.

“Gratifyingly, it has been won since then by St John’s and the College about equally,” the mayor told Marlborough News Online.

“This year the inters age group, who do not compete for the cup but take part in the event, were tantalisingly close. But the College pupils won this time by a tiny margin – 145 points to 143.”

“But the main event -- and the Mayor’s Cup -- was won by the College boys and girls by 146 votes to 131.”