Marlborough boxing club’s creation of a new gym backed by town council

Written by Gerald Isaaman.

Marlborough Amateur Boxing Club’s proposal to renovate the Old Pavilion, in Elcot Lane, into a new gym for its members has been given the support of the town council’s planning committee – despite opposition from neighbours.

The committee was told that Kevin Ellis, who lives in Barrow Close, had written to Wiltshire planners protesting that it was “grossly misleading” for the Boxing Club to suggest that neighbours were aware of their plans to renovate an otherwise derelict building.

“On the contrary, local residents are concerned about the impact of the use of the premises as a boxing gym, and also the suggestion that ‘other indoor sports and recreational activities’, which although not specified, will also be incorporated,” he protested.

But Councillor Peggy Dow told the committee: “We cannot reject this proposal.  We’ve been asking for this building to be upgraded for years.”

Councillor Nick Fogg declared: “This is a great initiative. I support it 100 per cent,” and property committee chairman Councillor Guy Loosmore added: “This is potentially a worthy asset for the town.  We should go forward with it.”

The committee agreed.