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Narrow victory for MTFC U18s v Marlborough College in Inaugural William S Bambridge Shield fixture

Marlborough College Master, Jonathan Leigh, presents the William S Bambridge Shield to Tom Amer, captain of the winning MTFC Under 18 teamMarlborough College Master, Jonathan Leigh, presents the William S Bambridge Shield to Tom Amer, captain of the winning MTFC Under 18 team"Something of a polymath" was how Marlborough College Master, Jonathan Leigh described William S Bambridge, in whose memory the shield bearing his name was created, to be awarded to the winners of an annual match between the Marlborough College 1st XI and Marlborough Town Football Club's Under 18 team.

The inaugural match, played earlier this afternoon (Sunday 23 April) on the College Wedgwood Pitch resulted in a narrow 2-1 victory for 'Town' over 'Gown'.  Tom Beadle of MTFC received the Man of the Match award.

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Marlborough Ladies suffer a loss in their last league match of the season

Marlborough Town Ladies 2016 17Marlborough Town Ladies 2016 17Melksham Town Ladies 5 Marlborough Town Ladies 1

Marlborough Town Ladies' last league game of the season on Sunday was a tough one. Despite their keen desire to win at home, it resulted in a 5-1 loss against Melksham.

From the start, Marlborough were unable to take control. The ladies played some decent football and showed lots of individual talent but weren't able to click as a team. There seemed to be a constant turnover of possession which ultimately ended in Melksham taking advantage of the opportunities provided.

Despite some amazing saves by Robyn Hill, Melksham were able to get two goals in before the half.

But Marlborough did not give up. They worked hard and had moments of good football. It was just a shame, that they were unable to maintain possession.

Melksham scored another couple of goals before Marlborough were able to get one from a great corner in from Kerry Ash. Emma Brown made difficult work for the keeper and Alex Simmonds was able to slot the ball into an open goal.

It wasn't much longer before Melksham got a fifth goal to settle the score. Marlborough played much better football in the last twenty minutes of the game but it was too little too late. They ended their season with a loss.

Despite the result, Marlborough enjoyed the battle and came out stronger. Much like their season, they look forward to new challenges ahead with ongoing spirit.

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Football: Long overdue win gets Marlborough Ladies to next round of Cup

Marlborough Town Ladies 6 Warminster Sky Blues 1

A home game on Sunday, and the first round of the cup meant that spirits were high for Marlborough Town Ladies as they came out to defend their cup title.

They started the game energetically, gaining possession early and passing well.

It was only a few minutes into the game when Kerry Ash made a run down the right wing before taking a long range shot which flew into the back of the net.

It was a great start but, only ten minutes later, Marlborough had a slip in concentration which resulted in a Warminster goal.

Determined to take control of the game, Marlborough worked hard to win every ball and maintain possession.

They moved up the pitch and settled into the Warminster half. A great cross from Kerry, gave Dani Hull an opportunity in front of goal. She took it calmly and slotted the ball past the goal keeper's reach.

Before the half was up, Ffion Williams scored and Dani got another. 4-1 at half time and spirits were high.

Marlborough came out for the second half more determined and disciplined than ever. They dominated the game and played some wonderful football.

Despite the muddy conditions and worsening rain, Ffion and Dani were both able to get another goal each.

When the final whistle blew, Marlborough were elated with a long overdue win and a place in the next round of the cup.

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Five goals in second half see Marlborough Ladies fall to top-of-table Swindon team

Marlborough Town Ladies 0 Swindon Town Development 5

Marlborough began the new year with a difficult battle against top of the league, Swindon Town Development on Sunday.

It was a great game of football but another loss for Marlborough with a final score of 5 nil.

Marlborough started strong; they worked hard to win everything and made it difficult for Swindon to develop any long-term possession. It was physical and fast paced but Marlborough kept their mind on the game.

Abbi Demir showed great spirit in central midfield and played some good passes to Kerry Ash and Dani Hull, who worked tirelessly up and down the wings. The defence was consistent and the strikers worked hard to win every ball.

Marlborough went into the half with a nil nil draw.

Their spirits were high but the depth and talent of the Swindon team was eventually revealed when their patience and fitness came into play in the second half.

Despite countless saves from goalie, Robyn Hill, Marlborough could not keep Swindon from scoring.

They continued to work hard but let in five goals by the end of the game. It was a disappointing result but ultimately a well played game and a good start to 2017.

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