Marlborough Town Ladies seen off by Spitfires

Written by Alex Sawyer on .

Marlborough Town Ladies Football ClubMarlborough Town Ladies Football ClubSwindon Spitfires Utd 6 Marlborough Town Ladies 0

Playing against Swindon Spitfires Utd at South Marston on May 6 was to be a predecessor for our Cup Final in a week and a half's time. We wanted to prove to them, and to ourselves, that we could beat a team who were much stronger than us on paper.

The game started poorly.

Conditions were harsh; strong winds and a shortage of players made the job ahead feel daunting.

It wasn't long before the first and then the second Swindon goal was scored. Although we hadn't lost hope, we gave Swindon the confidence to knock another three in before half time.

Five-nil is not an easy place to come back from but the re-group at half time was encouraging. We came out more determined than ever. We set to the task of an easier game of good communication and easy passes.

Before long we dominated the play and discouraged most of Swindon's advancements. They managed one more goal in the half but we scored three to justify our hard work.

Although we did not win, we played some great football. We came out of the game with tremendous spirit for the fight ahead. We look forward to meeting Swindon Spitfires Utd. again in the final.