A loss in Marlborough Ladies’ first game, despite determined play

Written by Alex Sawyer on .


Marlborough Town Ladies 2015-16Marlborough Town Ladies 2015-16Warminster Sky Blues 3 Marlborough Town Ladies 2

After the build-up to a new season, Marlborough Town Ladies were raring to go. They went into their first game with a thirst to win against Warminster Sky Blue, a new opponent in their league.

The team started on a positive. Straight from the whistle, taking control of play; gaining possession in the centre and pushing it wide. Warminster could not break up their attack and struggled to keep up pace on a very hot day.

Marlborough looked the greater threat until a counter attack gave Warminster a great opportunity. Sensing the danger, Marlborough’s right back Laura Ash went in for a tackle. She caught the opponent just inside the box, resulting in a disappointingly timed penalty kick and a 1-0 start for Warminster.

Marlborough continued to keep a solid defence and hard working midfield throughout the play, opening up opportunities for our attackers. There were a few chances from corners, but unfortunately no goals.

Back into the game after half-time and within two minutes Marlborough created a great opportunity. Kirsty Miles had a shot on target which was stopped by an opposing defenders extended hand. Unfortunately the ref missed the foul and the game moved ends. By the third minute Warminster had scored another, bringing the game to two nil.

Knowing they deserved more than the score line suggested, Marlborough stepped up the pressure even more. They changed some players around but maintained strong composure throughout the team. After another ten minutes of constant pressure, they were finally awarded a penalty. Ffion Williams was calm under pressure, bringing the score to 2-1.

Marlborough felt elated by the change of luck but this was quickly quashed with a long range lob which brought Warminster another opportune goal. A lot of teams would have folded, but Marlborough were even more determined than ever.

Yet again, they took control and dictated play. For the next 15 minutes they hardly left Warminster's half. Marlborough moved the ball quickly from the defence down the wings and into dangerous areas.

They had dozens of shots but struggled to put any away until Ffion stepped up again, hurtling a long range shot just below the crossbar: 3-2 and they were back in the game. The remainder of the game was a continuous onslaught of Marlborough attacking. It was after many missed opportunities that the final whistle blew and they had to resign to an undeserved loss.

Despite the final score line, they felt confident in their abilities and determined in what improvements they can make to bring an even stronger team out for next week’s game against Trowbridge.