First win of the season for Marlborough Ladies

Written by Alex Sawyer on .

Marlborough Town Ladies 2015-16Marlborough Town Ladies 2015-16Trowbridge Wanderers 1 Marlborough Town Ladies 4

After a disappointing result in their first match, Marlborough Town Ladies were eager to secure a win against Trowbridge Wanderers at Lambrook Playing Fields, Trowbridge on Sunday (September 13).

From the very start, it was evident that Marlborough were the better team, but the initial minutes were shaky. A lot of adrenaline meant that there were some wild passes around the pitch.

It took focus but the game settled and Marlborough got into the swing of it. Eight minutes in, and one of their attacks was rewarded with a free kick just outside of the box. Kerry Ash stepped up and pounded the ball into the top corner to make it 1-0 to Marlborough.

The excitement meant that Marlborough’s focus drifted. Within minutes, a far off lob brought them into danger. Marlborough’s goalkeeper, Robyn Hill, had to spring into action and just managed to prevent a goal from being scored. The next twenty minutes were unsettled. Most of the play was Marlborough's possession but some slips in concentration made it clear that anything could happen if they didn't take more control.

Thirty five minutes in and Ffion Williams had a chance to settle things. She struck from outside the 18 yard box bringing the score to 2-0. There was much relief from the Marlborough team and the tempo picked up.

A few minutes later and Trowbridge smashed a ball from a goal kick that went bouncing over the defenders' heads and into the feet of a quick striker. Robyn Hill was forced to step up again with a great save.

The play bounced back and forth for the next couple minutes until a great turn from Marlborough's new striker, Emma Brown, resulted in a flying ball to the back of the net.

Unfortunately, a late whistle for a Trowbridge injury left the goal disallowed. In their frustration, Marlborough stepped up the attack and, for the next ten minutes, put increasing pressure on the Trowbridge defence.

The halftime whistle blew and there was a chance to make some changes. Vicki Pope moved into the middle and Laura Crampton went into defence where she could keep an eye on Trowbridge's quickest and most threatening player.

Marlborough came out better. They maintained the control that they had finally earned by the end of the first half. They set up camp in the Trowbridge side and passed the ball around much more fluidly.

After thirty minutes of dominating play, a corner from Kerry Ash resulted in another chance. Pressure, from all of the attackers, allowed space for Ffion Williams to pop the ball in from just inside the 6 yard box. 3-0 to Marlborough.

Still pleased by the play, Marlborough's lack of concentration got the better of them. A long ball from the Centre resulted in quick attack and a scramble to get back. Robyn Hill managed to get a hand on the ball but it bounced to the Trowbridge striker who punished Marlborough in their moment of miscommunication. 3-1.

As frustrating as the lapse was, Marlborough picked their heads up and were even more determined to get back into the Trowbridge half of the pitch. They moved the ball around well and showed more of their skill on the wing. 37 minutes gone and it resulted in a free kick just outside of the 18 yard box. With the positioning being on her strong left foot, Vicki Pope stepped up to take the kick. The ball curled beautifully into place, bringing the game to 4-1 with little time to go.

Marlborough stood firm until the final whistle went, giving them the 3 points they needed and their first win of the season.