FOOTBALL: Marlborough Ladies need to learn lessons after defeat to Mangotsfield

Written by Alex Sawyer on .

Marlborough Town LadiesMarlborough Town LadiesMarlborough Town Ladies 0 Mangotsfield United Ladies 2


Despite another very hot game day, Marlborough Town Ladies were keen to perform well against a new team in the league, Mangotfield Ladies.

The warm-up started well but some late arrivals from the other team meant that the game was delayed by 15 minutes. When the whistle eventually blew, Marlborough were eager to play.

They immediately moved the ball forwards but struggled with consistent passing in the final third. They gave away possession repeatedly and were faced with a team which booted the ball at every opportunity.

Marlborough slipped into a similar style of play and the game began to move from end to end with little hope of the style developing into the simple passing that Marlborough are best at.

After 15 minutes, Abby Easter made a run down the wing and made the first real shot on target. The Mangotfield keeper had to make a good save and the play immediately switched ends. Marlborough’s goalie, Robyn Hill, was faced with a one-on-one against a Mangotsfield striker.

The player attempted a lob overhead but Robyn managed to get a hand to it. Marlborough’s left back, Alex Sawyer, swooped in to clear the ball and save the play from going to a corner.

The game continued in a similar style. There was a constant change in possession and it was a few plays later that a Mangotsfield striker had another opportunity. With speed, she burst through the Marlborough defence and there was a scrappy moment in front of goal.

Robyn did well to make an initial save but then it landed to the central striker who fired the ball into the top corner of the goal.

The constant threats to the Marlborough defence meant that Sarah Thomas, their captain, was forced to come out strong. She won tackle after tackle, distributing the ball wide.

One great play ended with the ball at Kirsty Miles’ feet and a calmly placed goal. A delayed flag went up and the goal was disallowed due to a poor offside call.

It was still 1-0 to Mangotfield when the halftime whistle blew. After lots of fluids and a quick chat, Marlborough came out with new determination to take control of the game.

They started strong and took possession; moving the ball into the Mangotsfield half and communicating much better. After ten minutes, it seemed as though more chances would come Marlborough’s way. The defence pushed up but there was a quick turnover of play and a lob from outside of the eighteen yard box meant that Mangotfield were rewarded with another goal. 2 – 0 and more frustration for Marlborough.

They kept their heads up but the communication was poor. The midfield struggled to gain possession and the teams were back to a constant change from one end to the other. The play continued to be unsettled and eventually led to another long-range shot from Mangotsfield and another goal.

Marlborough spent the last twenty minutes defending well but not being able to convert any attacks into goals. When the final whistle blew, it was a real disappointment for the team. Mangotsfield had not dominated the game but had taken their chances well.

Marlborough knew that in order to win games, they would need more discipline in their passing and better communication; a lesson they will take into their next home game against Swindon Town Development Sunday, October 4.