Football: Spitfires shoot down Marlborough Ladies

Written by Alex Sawyer on .

Marlborough Town LadiesMarlborough Town LadiesMarlborough Town Ladies 1 Swindon Spitfires Development 3

After some disappointing results, Marlborough Town Ladies were hoping to get their first home win on Sunday.

They started strong, with an immediate attack down the right wing. The ball was lobbed into the six yard box where Alex Sawyer chested it down only to be closed in by the Spitfires Development goalie and a defender.

Alex struggled to get a decent foot on the ball and it was scooped up by the goalie.

Marlborough fed off of the positive energy. They gained possession and took control of the game.

The defence moved the ball wide and there were continuous attacks down both sides. It was an unfortunate turn of events when a Swindon Spitfires midfielder gained the ball in the middle and made a quick run down the centre of the pitch.

The Marlborough defence back-pedalled but didn't close the attacker down. From the 18 yard box, the player took her chance and lobbed the ball.

Robyn Hill managed to get a hand to it but it wasn't enough. The ball flew to the back of the net and Spitfires Development were a goal up.

Marlborough got straight back into it. They got possession and continued to attack well. It was after numerous attempts that Ffion Williams managed to get a head on the ball in a crowded six yard box.

It arced over the goalie's head and bounced slowly towards goal. Kirsty Miles flew in behind and got a foot to it, ensuring it reached the back of the net. 1-1.

Despite the hot weather and tiring legs, Marlborough stayed disciplined for the last ten minutes of the half. It was a relief when the whistle blew for a much needed break.

The second half started just as well. The Marlborough defence was challenged more frequently but they remained strong. They won the ball and pushed it forward, creating continuous chances in front of goal.

There were a few close calls but the Spitfire's goalie got a hand to everything. It was about 70 minutes into the game when an attack from Spitfires ended with yet another long range lob that arced over Robyn's head and into the goal.

It was a frustrating moment. Marlborough didn't have a lot of time to correct the fault but they knew there was a chance. They attacked fiercely. Throwing as many players into the box for a corner that bounced through the crowd.

They had similar chances again and again but never managed put anything away. With less than ten minutes to go the play switched ends and Sarah Thomas had to use her body to win the ball from a quick attack. Swindon Spitfires gained a free kick from outside the 18 yard box.

Despite a three person wall, the ball went over and dipped down quickly. The ball flew into the top left corner and Spitfires celebrated their third goal of the game.

Marlborough spent the last ten minutes trying to push the ball back to the other end of the pitch. They managed to defend fiercely but did not get the attack that they craved. The game ended in a 3-1 loss to Swindon Spitfires Development.