Football: A win at last as Marlborough take on Frome

Written by Alex Sawyer on .


Marlborough Town Ladies 2015Marlborough Town Ladies 2015Marlborough Town Ladies 4 Frome Town Ladies 0

Going into the game, Marlborough knew that this would be a good opportunity for their first home win.

They were beaten by Frome last season but felt that they were more evenly matched than the score line had dictated.

As kickoff neared, it became evident that Frome’s team were two players short. Playing a team with less players can be difficult to command, but Marlborough focused their attention on playing the same game that they always play.

The whistle blew and Marlborough took possession and passed the ball through the wings. There was great movement and communication throughout the team which meant that Marlborough were able to get off a few shots on target in the first half.

Unfortunately, a ball to the crossbar and multiple shots into the keepers hands, meant that the chances were not converted into goals.

As the second half began, Marlborough passed the ball better and settled into the game.

They took advantage of the oppositions’ tiring players and camped in Frome’s defensive half.

This allowed Marlborough to gain confidence in their attack. After many missed chances, Frome cleared a ball outside of the eighteen yard box which was picked up by Alana Turner. She trapped the ball and swung her foot through, firing it over the defence and over the Frome keeper’s head for the first goal of the game.

Not long after, Sarah Thomas had some great movement through the middle of the pitch. She set up Kerry Ash who made a great strike that stayed low and flew past the goalie for a second goal.

Marlborough were gaining possession and confidence. Their passing was better and they dictated the game. After a run down the wing, Alex Sawyer got the ball into a danger zone at the top of the eighteen yard box, where Vicki Pope shot first time for another great goal.

With their quick midfielder, Frome had an opportunity but it was quickly squashed and cleared up to Ffion Williams at the other end of the pitch. She took the ball through the defence and faced the goalie alone until she calmly placed the ball at the back of the net.

Marlborough spent the final five minutes with their heads screwed on. They knew they'd secured the win but they wanted the clean sheet as well. It was with great joy that the final whistle blew and Marlborough could celebrate their first home win of four nil. A great team effort and a much needed win.