11-0 victory for Marlborough Ladies in first match after break

Written by Peter Davison on .


Marlborough Town LadiesMarlborough Town LadiesMarlborough Town Ladies 11 Lavington Ladies 0

Following a six week break, Marlborough bring in the new year with their first game back and a welcome victory of 11-0 against Lavington.

It was a slow start but a couple of good runs up the wing created confidence up front and some good attempts at goal. It took twenty minutes in a cold and constant drizzle but Marlborough's eagerness paid off when Kerry Ash passed the ball into Vicki Pope from the wing. Pope controlled it well and played the ball into Kirsty Miles who popped the ball easily passed the goalie.

Two minutes later and Ffion Williams created another opportunity; playing a ball out wide to Kerry, who dribbled to the edge of the 18 yard box before putting her foot through the ball and sending it flying to the back of the net.

Two goals and Marlborough were settled into the Lavington half. The tempo was slower than usual but they moved the ball around well across an increasingly muddier pitch. The strikers had to battle through mud and defenders but their perseverance paid off.

After positioning herself well, Abbii Demir popped two goals into the net in the span of ten minutes. Emily Sparkes also got herself on the scoresheet with a great move around a defender and a well placed shot. It brought the game to 5-0 when the whistle blew for half time.

Marlborough were pleased with the lead but knew that they could be better in their execution. They warmed themselves as best they could and went out for the second half with a desire for more goals. Five minutes in and Ffion started them off by moving around a defender and placing the ball in the back of net.

A couple minutes later and Kirsty followed with a shot to the post which ricocheted in. Ffion managed another two in the half whilst Vicki Pope and Emma Brown also added their names to the scoresheet.

It was a cold and muddy game but it felt worth it when the final whistle went. A clean sheet and lots of goals was the perfect start to a new part of the season.