‘Perfect result’ as Marlborough Ladies wreak revenge on Warminster

Written by Alex Sawyer on .

Marlborough Ladies 2016Marlborough Ladies 2016Warminster Sky Blue 1 Marlborough Town Ladies 4

It was in the very first game of the season that Marlborough had felt hard done by, in a frustrating loss to Warminster.

As it was now the first round of cup games, Marlborough were determined, more than ever, to put in a good performance. A 4-1 win and a place in the next round of the cup matches was the perfect outcome.

Marlborough came out strong from the start. They took control of the ball and passed it well despite the incredibly uneven and muddy surface.

Only four minutes into play, and a brilliant pass split the Warminster defence where Emily Sparkes ran through and finished cleanly. Unfortunately, the ref called the play offside and the goal did not stand.

Although Marlborough maintained most of the possession and continued with strong attacks, they were unable to affect the scoreline. It was a frustrating turn of events when Warminster had a free kick 42 minutes in and took advantage of Marlborough in a momentary lapse in concentration.

Warminster fumbled around the six yard box unmarked before popping the ball in the back of the net and bringing the game to 1-0 just before the half.

The annoyance spurred Marlborough to an immediate attack. A through ball was played to Kirsty Miles who knocked it into the back of the net as the ref blew his whistle for a free kick to Marlborough.

Advantage should have been played but the ref was slow in his response. The goal was disallowed and the ball brought back for the free kick. Luckily, Kerry Ash took the ball calmly and found a clean shot to the goal through a sea of players.

1-1 and the whistle blew for half time.

Marlborough were encouraged. Some decisions from the ref had been against them but they were still level and had gained most of the possession; their confidence was growing. 57 minutes into the game and Marlborough were making some great passes in the Warminster half.

Kirsty got the ball just inside the box and held it up before playing it off to Vicki Pope who took a low and hard shot straight into the back of the net.

It only took another three minutes before Marlborough were attacking again. Ffion Williams took a great shot that ricocheted off the post and into Kirsty's path who popped it into the goal. 3-1 and Marlborough were playing a disciplined and well-executed game.

From the goalie up to the strikers, they maintained composure and passed the ball around smoothly. After 75 minutes of play, Dani Hull made a great cross into Vicki at the top of the box.

She trapped it well and played a great ball to Kerry who took it around a player before smashing it into the top left corner of the goal.

The game was a huge success. Not only had Marlborough secured a place in the next stage of the cup games, but they had proved how capable they are of playing much better football than the first time they had met Warminster.