Four wins on the trot as Marlborough settle score with Laverstock

Written by Alex Sawyer on .

Marlborough Town LadiesMarlborough Town LadiesMarlborough Town Ladies 1 Laverstock Ladies 0

It was on the third attempt to play, that Marlborough were finally able to settle the score against Laverstock. It was last September that the two teams initially met and the game had to be abandoned due to a bad injury and resulting ambulance.

Despite the unfortunate circumstance, both teams were eager to play and it was to Marlborough's delight, when the one-nil lead from the original game, turned out to be the final scoreline for the re-match.

It proved to be a tough game. There was a constant drizzle along with the muddy conditions that Marlborough were becoming accustomed to in their January matches. Both teams would have to slog through the increasingly difficult terrain.

Despite the circumstance, Marlborough wanted to prove that they could win against a team who are four places above them in the league. They started strong and played the ball down the wings. They were able to create some good opportunities in the first thirty minutes but no goals.

The teams seemed quite evenly matched and Marlborough knew that they would have to take advantage of a moment of weakness if they were to get ahead.

It was 34 minutes into the game that the opportunity arose. Emily Sparkes played a great ball through the defenders which Alex Sawyer ran onto.

The defender managed to keep her body between the ball and the striker but the pressure caused her to move too close to the goal before Alex stuck her foot in between and popped the ball past the keeper.

1-0 to Marlborough and it proved to be a long remainder of the game. There was an hour left in which some good chances for both teams occurred but no true threats on goal. The pitch became tougher to play on and the real challenge was to maintain the discipline of solid passes and good defence. Marlborough's goalie, Alana Turner, had to be especially strong in the back. Her quick response to play kept Marlborough in the game on a couple of occasions.

It was especially tense when, a few minutes before the final whistle, a quick attack from Laverstock resulted in a ball thundering into the crossbar. It was still rattling when Alana scooped up the ball and cleared it out of danger.

It was a great relief when the whistle blew a few moments later and Marlborough had secured their fourth victory in a row.