Victory at Frome makes it five wins in a row

Written by Alex Sawyer on .


Marlborough LadiesMarlborough LadiesFrome 0 Marlborough Town Ladies 3

An away game to Frome proved to be another tough game but another victory for Marlborough. Five wins in a row and another clean sheet was the ideal result.

Marlborough started the game with the wind on their side but playing uphill on an uneven pitch. For thirty minutes they concentrated on keeping the ball on the ground, passing it well and splitting up the Frome midfield.

It was 32 minutes in that Kerry Ash played a great ball in from the corner which Becky Knox flicked on with her head. The ball landed in a chaotic sea of bodies but Marlborough's Captain, Sarah Thomas, pushed through and knocked the ball into the back of the net.

With the lead on their side, Marlborough continued to pass the ball quickly through the middle and up the wings. After another ten minutes Alex Sawyer made a quick throw in to Emily Sparkes who shrugged off her defender for a one on one with the keeper. She played it calmly to the side and knocked it in for a 2 nil lead.

Despite the wind against them, Marlborough came into the second half of the game with optimism. They maintained a well disciplined defence and midfield and concentrated on playing the ball up the wings where Dani Hull made some amazing crosses into the box. The continuous hard work and attempts paid off.

The Frome defence were forced to deal with a tricky play with a hand ball in the box. Sarah Thomas stepped up for the penalty kick and calmly placed the ball in the bottom right corner.

Three-nil and Marlborough spent the last 15 minutes keeping their calm until the whistle blew for a well-deserved clean sheet and another win.