Marlborough Ladies finish season 11 games without a loss

Written by Alex Sawyer on .

Marlborough Ladies Marlborough Ladies Marlborough Town Ladies 1 Mangotsfield Ladies 1

After an amazing ten game winning streak, Marlborough's last game of the regular season on Sunday (April 24) was a slight disappointment, ending in a 1-1 tie.

The discipline of play, which had been so evident throughout their season, slipped in their last game.

Mangotsfield came out strong and, although being the underdogs, had a very physical presence throughout the team. They worked hard and rattled the Marlborough players.

They forced a game of tough tackles and a constant switch of possession. Marlborough had fleeting moments of good play but were not able to gain the composure, discipline and smooth playing football which had gained them their previous, and well-deserved wins.

It was a frustrating game but there were also some glimmers of the talent and hard work which Marlborough have become known for.

After 40 minutes into the rocky game, Becky Knox played a great ball to Dani Hull on the left-hand wing.

She ran the length of the pitch before cutting in and beating the oncoming defence and keeper with a deadly shot which pinged off the back post and into the goal.

It was much needed. Marlborough got their heads up and tried to settle into a rhythm of play. Unfortunately, early on in the second half brought a missed penalty, continuing frustration and a yellow card.

The team continued to let the physicality of Mangotsfield get to them. The remainder of the game was spent trying to reign in frustration whilst keeping Mangotsfield at bay. Other than a great goal from a free kick, Marlborough managed to do this.

Although it was a difficult game, they got the point from the draw and are more determined than ever for a victory in the ladies cup final.