Football: Marlborough Ladies suffer an early season loss

Written by Alex Simmonds on .

Marlborough Town Ladies 2016-17Marlborough Town Ladies 2016-17Trowbridge Town Ladies 7 Marlborough Town Ladies 2

The first game of the season for Marlborough was a disappointing loss against Trowbridge Town Ladies.

A 7-2 defeat away on Sunday (September 11) was not how Marlborough intended to start the season.

They began well despite it being a hot day. Marlborough were up against very young and clinical Trowbridge players but they didn't let this affect their game plan.

They played well and were only 2-1 down at the half. They also managed to come out with an equaliser within minutes of the second half starting.

Unfortunately, shortly after, a couple of simple mistakes by Marlborough led to a series of Trowbridge goals.

In the span of five minutes, the score jumped to 5-2. Marlborough played hard but missed some opportunities and were unable to bring the game back.

Trowbridge were able to score two more goals before the game ended, leaving Marlborough disappointed but determined as ever to come back stronger for their next game.