Football: Marlborough Ladies shot down by Spitfires

Written by Alex Simmonds on .

Marlborough Town Ladies 2016 17Marlborough Town Ladies 2016 17Marlborough Ladies 0 Swindon Spitfires 3

Facing Swindon Spitfires, the team Marlborough beat in the cup final last season, was bound to be tough.

As expected, Swindon came out hard. They managed a three-nil victory against Marlborough in their first home game of the season.

Within five minutes Swindon knocked in their first; a well-worked goal from the skilful Spitfires strikers. But Marlborough did not let this deter them.

They kept their heads up, working hard to play some great football. The Spitfires keeper was able to keep them in the lead with some great saves and it wasn't until the second half when Spitfires were able to gain a greater lead.

Taking advantage of good opportunities, they scored two more goals and secured the game.

Despite the loss, Marlborough battled hard until the end and could be pleased with their performance. Their players proved adaptability of positions and worked hard as a team.