Football: Marlborough Town Ladies suffer defeat in tough home game

Written by Alex Simmonds on .

Marlborough Town Ladies 2016 17Marlborough Town Ladies 2016 17Marlborough Town Ladies 0 Trowbridge Town Ladies 6

Marlborough Town Ladies knew that they would have a tough match ahead of them as they faced Trowbridge Town Ladies in their second meeting of the season on Sunday.

Although the final result was a six nil loss for Marlborough, there were plenty of positives to take from the game.

Everyone in the team had to make it as difficult for Trowbridge as possible.

Injuries and absences meant that a lot of the Marlborough players had to adapt to new positions, but not only this, they had to rely on players who had never played a full match before.

The results were inspiring.

Both Mollie Ash and Teagan Wenlock, the two youngest on the team, were able to step into their new defensive roles with determination.

Their drive and positivity on the pitch, proved their amazing value as part of the team and their hard work, even when the team was losing, did not go unnoticed.

Marlborough had to play a defensive game from the beginning. Their first line of defence was at the top of the pitch where Abbii Demir worked endlessly to keep Trowbridge from gaining ground.

At the end of the game, Marlborough were able to say that they worked hard as a team and played well, despite the result.

They know that the challenges they faced and the strengths they discovered will only improve their future game when they go into the first round of the cup in two weeks time.