Marlborough Ladies suffer a loss in their last league match of the season

Written by Alex Simmonds on .

Marlborough Town Ladies 2016 17Marlborough Town Ladies 2016 17Melksham Town Ladies 5 Marlborough Town Ladies 1

Marlborough Town Ladies' last league game of the season on Sunday was a tough one. Despite their keen desire to win at home, it resulted in a 5-1 loss against Melksham.

From the start, Marlborough were unable to take control. The ladies played some decent football and showed lots of individual talent but weren't able to click as a team. There seemed to be a constant turnover of possession which ultimately ended in Melksham taking advantage of the opportunities provided.

Despite some amazing saves by Robyn Hill, Melksham were able to get two goals in before the half.

But Marlborough did not give up. They worked hard and had moments of good football. It was just a shame, that they were unable to maintain possession.

Melksham scored another couple of goals before Marlborough were able to get one from a great corner in from Kerry Ash. Emma Brown made difficult work for the keeper and Alex Simmonds was able to slot the ball into an open goal.

It wasn't much longer before Melksham got a fifth goal to settle the score. Marlborough played much better football in the last twenty minutes of the game but it was too little too late. They ended their season with a loss.

Despite the result, Marlborough enjoyed the battle and came out stronger. Much like their season, they look forward to new challenges ahead with ongoing spirit.