Match report: Marlborough Town Ladies FC v Trowbridge Town Ladies

Written by Emma Brown on .

Sunday 17 September

Marlborough Town Ladies FC  2;   Trowbridge Town Ladies 3


Marlborough’s third game of the season saw them pitched against Trowbridge Town Ladies.

Trowbridge are a team full of speed, skill and slick passing that have proved to be testing foes on a number of occasions last season in both the league and cup games. But these tougher challenges always seem to bring out the best in the Marlborough Ladies and this Sunday was no exception.

Marlborough seemed to put aside the fact that they had faced some quite heavy defeats against this team in the past and opened the game with a steely resolve and a passion to continue the good start to the season.

The game started quickly with wave after wave of speedy attacks from Trowbridge that were soaked up with some good defending throughout the Marlborough team.  Marlborough did not remain on the back foot but tested Trowbridge with some biting attacks down the right wing with Kerry Ash proving to be too quick and skilful for the Trowbridge defence.

Strong throw-ins from Mollie Ash to her older sister Kerry down the right wing continually opened up the opportunity for counterattacks.  Kerry’s superb crosses teased in to the Trowbridge box searched out the Marlborough forwards and midfielders but the Trowbridge central defence stayed strong. 

The game saw its first goal in the 14th minute to Trowbridge.  This was a goal that, in the words of the Marlborough Manager Robin Simpson was ‘gifted’ to them.  Trowbridge took a quick throw from the left wing catching the Marlborough defence out before they had time to reorganise. 

Some quick passing from Trowbridge led to a simple, unchallenged shot inside the box that went beyond the outstretched left hand of Dani Hull in the Marlborough goal to see Marlborough one goal down.

Marlborough did not lose heart following the goal and both teams continued to press each other in a fairly fought battle with few real opportunities.  The game was unrecognisable from the 7-1 losses that Marlborough suffered at the hands of Trowbridge last season. 

Both Marlborough and Trowbridge continued to press each other with Laura Crampton shooting just wide from outside the box and new strike combination, Lucy Bush and Alana Turner trying to press the Trowbridge defence to find space for themselves or the midfield to push in on goal. 

Thirty-three minutes in to the game saw Dani Hull pull out some top quality goalkeeping after one of the quick Trowbridge forwards split the Marlborough defence and ran in on goal for a one on one against the keeper.  The shot from the striker saw Dani’s cat like reflexes tested but not beaten with a fantastic full stretch save.

Dani was tested again in the 39th minute when Marlborough’s defence allowed Trowbridge a little too much time and space on the edge of the box.  A strike from 10 yards outside the box saw a sweet strike towards goal that was just out of the reach of Dani and nestled in the bottom right corner of the Marlborough net to see them two goals down before half time.

The only difference between the two teams in the first half was the finishing.  Marlborough’s fight and passion was to be commended and continued in the first minute of the second half when Marlborough were awarded a free kick just outside the box. 

Kerry Ash stepped up to take the kick and struck a sweet shot, looping over the Trowbridge wall and towards the bottom left corner of the goal.  It was only the agility of the Trowbridge keeper with an excellent save that prevented Marlborough from pulling a goal back. 

This seemed to inspire Marlborough to keep up the pressure and it was clear at times that Trowbridge were finding it difficult to keep Marlborough out.

The Trowbridge defence was finally opened up fifteen minutes in to the second half when Kerry Ash pinged in another delicious corner that saw the Trowbridge defence scrapping to clear.  Kirsty Miles pounced on the bobbling ball and was able to flick a foot out towards it sending it towards goal and looping over the helpless keeper.

Both teams continued to make a real game of it and appeared to be quite evenly matched with Marlborough trying to press for an equaliser.  This led to Trowbridge having opportunities for the counter attack which paid off with just over ten minutes left of the game.

Marlborough were again pressed by the speed of the Trowbridge attackers and were unable to match them or put in a tackle to prevent them from closing in on the Marlborough goal and sliding a well worked goal to the right side of Dani Hull.

Despite the two goal difference, Marlborough continued to try and test the Trowbridge team in all areas of the pitch with both teams being quite evenly matched.  Just before the final whistle Kerry Ash had a final opportunity for Marlborough with a free kick on the edge of the box. 

Kerry did what she does best in this position, taking a powerful and swirling shot towards the goal and just under the bar, that the Trowbridge keeper was simply unable to keep out despite getting a hand on in.

Despite the final score being Marlborough Town Ladies FC 2 – Trowbridge Town Ladies 3, the whole Marlborough team could leave the pitch feeling justifiably proud of good performances in all areas of the pitch.

After a very even and well fought game they will hopefully take the same attitude and fight forward to their next game at Marlborough against Salisbury on Sunday 24th September at 2pm