Marlborough Youth Football Club - now more than 300 players!

Written by Stuart Slater on .


Announcement - from Stuart Slater - Chair of Marlborough Youth Football Club

Dear everyone,


I am privileged to announce that MYFC now have, would you believe it, THREE HUNDRED registered players...!


Quite unbelievable.  From 20-30 players in 2009, to where we are now.   It has not been our mission to recruit higher and higher numbers for the sake of it, instead we have simply responded and tried to resource/accommodate the continuous stream of players who wish to play in mighty Orange! It tells me we must be doing something right.


A remarkable milestone, of which I am personally very proud indeed.


Again therefore, a THANK YOU to all coaches, helpers, sponsors, exec, the committee, everyone associated with the club, and especially the players! Here's to another great season ahead.... unbelievable!





(PS - we need volunteers now more than ever!)