Pudsey given a bit of help for Children in Need by a group of Angels in Pyjamas

Written by Neil Goodwin on .

Angels in Pyjamas for training sessionAngels in Pyjamas for training sessionPudsey, and Children in Need are better off to the tune of £61.50 thanks to the MYFC Angels turning up to train in their pyjamas for their weekly training session on the Children in Need night.


Doing something different and looking to help others is typical of the Angels - the girls group of players at Marlborough Youth Football Club.  


They know what they want, and at a recent Club youth forum they made a whole range of requests, ranging from a clubhouse with sofas to a foot spa and a chocolate fountain for the Christmas Party - which had to be opened by a famours footballer!


Not much then!  But also they want to help, and raising money for Children in Need by turning up for training in Pyjamas is one way they can make a bit of a difference whilst also having a bit of fun.


Oh, they also wanted an individual mascot for every team as well.  Maybe that's where Pudsey and his friends could help....!