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Club Ethos and Working Principles


Club Ethos

Our intention is Football For All offering a range of football opportunities for players of all ages and abilities.


Club Statement

We want all our players at all levels to improve, be competitive and enjoy winning, but not at all costs. Instead we want football to be played in the correct spirit, fairly, where ideas, creativity and therefore often mistakes on the pitch are encouraged, and everybody is welcome to play.

It is important players of all ages develop whilst having fun, which creates the correct tone in order to progress. Progression occurs over years, not months and weeks. Our players play football in a positive, inclusive environment, where ability is not the only focus.  We believe our football will be competitive if played in this way and individuals/teams will over time develop towards their potential if treated in this way.  This is our goal.



Working Principles



1) We keep a passive approach during match days and training, with recognition that players cannot play football by remote control. Players need to have as much guidance in training as they can, and when they run over the white line, it is their game. They make the decisions.

2) We praise every one of those decisions, vocally and individually.

3) There are a number of teams who bark instructions, sometime very frequently, sometimes bordering on aggressively, from the touchline, both on match days and in training. This is not what we do. A calm, measured, supportive presence is how we work.

4) We know matches are important, we all have tight games/cup games we want to win etc. This can easily turn into a shouting match from the touchlines. What are the implications of this?

Players can feel embarrassed or ridiculed.
Players are not permitted to decide for themselves over time, they rely on instruction.
Players can become confused.
It can set the tone for parents to join in.

5) Over time, self-reliant footballing decisions, positioning, anticipation, vision, confidence, experience etc. will accumulate. Football development happens over years, not over a single season. Our progress over the longer term will be stronger as individuals and teams with a more passive and inclusive approach.



6) Match day communication from coaches come from positive vocal support used sparingly (see 9) below), or quarter/half time breaks, or by calling players over quietly during a dead ball moment, or by communicating messages through the players. Positive praise should also be given for both teams.

7) Vocal support should be entirely praising, encouraging and reinforcing the positive. Errors should be softened. E.g. unlucky¹, nearly¹, ‘could see what you were trying¹, ‘not quite¹.

8) Specific instruction should be loosened e.g. ‘Mark up’, ‘positions’, instead of, e.g. ‘Mark no 10’. We let players think for themselves with coaches guiding not instructing.

9) Players are taught to communicate with each other and taught to make their own decisions and help teammates make their decisions without the coaches doing this at volume. Inclusive is good. Self reliance is good.

Compliance with Coach’s Directions

10) Players are expected to comply with the reasonable requirements of the coaches, including positions and tactically. It is fine for players to be creative, experiment and make mistakes, within the boundary of coach’s directions and set up for a match. There will be matches where players will not be into their ‘normal’ positions, or be required to play with ‘less’ creativity e.g. in a tight game. This is at the Team manager’s discretion at any time. However, in the main, there will be ample opportunity to experiment on the pitch over the course of a season.


Compliance with the Official’s Decisions

11) Players having a go at the ref/linesman is not the way we play. Any players doing this should be should be taken off and reminded. Call it a sin bin. Dropped if persistent even. Any official¹s mistakes are just that. Mistakes. They have a hard job and we need them.

Fair Play Football

12) Same for any deliberate fouls. Players need to be taken off as a sin bin. Dropped if persistent. Definitely not the way we play. (Players are also reminded that any yellow or red cards may result in a financial penalty from the league FA. This is to be repaid by the player/parents).

13) Players will at all times shake the hand of the all opposition players and coaches at the beginning of the match, the end of the match, applaud our spectators, and not react to any unsporting play by the opposition.


Player of the Match

14) Up to U12, we award ‘Player/s of the Match’. This award comes from relative start points, not just the best player on the pitch, or the one who scores the goals. E.g. If the player who always scores a hat-trick scores another hat trick, is this in fact expected? If the player who is less established as a footballer exceeds expectations with a much simpler 3 tackles and a pass to feet, then there you have it, player of the match. All based on individual targets and expectations. At the Team Manager’s discretion, we may ask parents to decide this award after each game.

15) From U12, we do not award ‘Player/s of the Match’, instead we focus on team performance as part of overall team development.


Mixed teams v ‘A’/‘B’ teams

16) Up to U12, our teams are mixed and not streamed in terms of ability. Everyone has equal time on the pitch as far as we can over the course of a match and definitely over the course of a season. Where opposition teams are stronger there will be a bias in team selection and minutes played towards our stronger players. Where opposition is less strong, then the opposite, there will be a bias towards our less established players. We will always however try to win.

17) From U12, we recognise football becomes more competitive, and we support ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams at the discretion of the individual Team Managers. In this event, each team will be equally resourced and managed, and each player will receive equal focus in whichever team.


Coach’s Children

18) Our starting point is that players who are children of the coaches will not receive preferential treatment and will miss weeks if there needs to be rotation from time to time. If however individual coaches wish or need to play their children more frequently, we recognise this is a voluntary role and support this.


Matchday Team Selection

19) Up to U12, team selection on a week-to week basis is entirely at the Team Manager’s discretion, reflecting level of commitment, availability, injury and fitness.

20) From U12, ‘A’ and ‘B’ team selection is entirely at the Team Manager’s discretion, reflecting ability, level of commitment, availability, injury and fitness.


Selection of Captains

21) Up to U12, captains are selected either by rotation or performance in line with ‘Player of the Match’ in a previous week, at the discretion of the Team Manager.

22) From U12, captains are selected by rotation or we support a season long team captain, at the discretion of the Team Manager.



23) Team Manager’s will select as many substitutes as is deemed necessary to ensure each player plays at least half of every match. This also allows the Team Manager to take into account the opposition, match conditions and injuries etc.

24) Substitutions during a match will be entirely based on the progress of a game for footballing reasons in an attempt to either seek to give equal time to all players, and/or as an attempt to win the match, so long as each player plays for at least half the match.

25) Half a match minimum is subject to a player’s behavior and attitude on the day.

26) Given that a number of teams have large squads to ensure sufficient players on match days, we support squad rotation instead of excessive numbers of substitutes. It follows that if for whatever reason players are less available or less able to play or train, they are likely to receive less match time over the course of a season.

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MYFC - Trophy Cabinet



2016 PEWMAR winners (MYFC v Pewsey, Club Wide Tournament)
2017 RAMMAR winners (MYFC v Ramsbury, Club Wide Tournament)

U8: Runners Up Cold Ash Festival of Football 2017
U10: Winners Winter Trophy 2016
U13 Colts: (Third place, Division 3)
U13 Colts: Golden Boot (Ben Smith) 
U14: Runners Up FC Calne 6-a-side tournament 2017
U18: MTFC Winners “WM Bambridge Challenge Shield”, (‘Town v Gown’). 



Club: RamMar Cup

Under 12’s: (Barbarians) Fourth Division Champions

Under 11’s: (Mavericks) Won the FA Winter Trophy

Under 11’s: (Mavericks) Runners Up at FC Calne Tournament

Under 7’s: Don Rogers Sportsmanship Trophy

Under 6’s: Won fair play award at Highworth Tournament



Under 15’s: North Wilts Youth Division 3 Runners Up

Under 11’s (Colts): Fourth Division Champions

Under 10’s: (Merlins) Won the FA Winter Trophy.

Under 10’s: (Merlins) North Wilts and District Youth League Respect Award for the season

Under 8’s: Won the Winter Trophy Event

Under 8’s: Won the Spring Futsal Trophy Event and 2nd in the other Futsal event.

Under 8’s: Won the fair play award at the Chippenham tournament.

Under 6’s: Won the fair play award at their first tournament in Wootton Bassett.



Club: Wiltshire Sport Club of the Year

Under 9’s: (Colts) Won the FA Winter Trophy

Under 7’s: Won fair play award at Highworth Tournament



Under 9’s: Won the Mid Wilts Youth Blue League Winners


Players of the Club

2015-2016 Sophie Smith

2013-2014 Liam Williams

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Narrow victory for MTFC U18s v Marlborough College in Inaugural William S Bambridge Shield fixture

Marlborough College Master, Jonathan Leigh, presents the William S Bambridge Shield to Tom Amer, captain of the winning MTFC Under 18 teamMarlborough College Master, Jonathan Leigh, presents the William S Bambridge Shield to Tom Amer, captain of the winning MTFC Under 18 team"Something of a polymath" was how Marlborough College Master, Jonathan Leigh described William S Bambridge, in whose memory the shield bearing his name was created, to be awarded to the winners of an annual match between the Marlborough College 1st XI and Marlborough Town Football Club's Under 18 team.

The inaugural match, played earlier this afternoon (Sunday 23 April) on the College Wedgwood Pitch resulted in a narrow 2-1 victory for 'Town' over 'Gown'.  Tom Beadle of MTFC received the Man of the Match award.

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Marlborough Ladies suffer a loss in their last league match of the season

Marlborough Town Ladies 2016 17Marlborough Town Ladies 2016 17Melksham Town Ladies 5 Marlborough Town Ladies 1

Marlborough Town Ladies' last league game of the season on Sunday was a tough one. Despite their keen desire to win at home, it resulted in a 5-1 loss against Melksham.

From the start, Marlborough were unable to take control. The ladies played some decent football and showed lots of individual talent but weren't able to click as a team. There seemed to be a constant turnover of possession which ultimately ended in Melksham taking advantage of the opportunities provided.

Despite some amazing saves by Robyn Hill, Melksham were able to get two goals in before the half.

But Marlborough did not give up. They worked hard and had moments of good football. It was just a shame, that they were unable to maintain possession.

Melksham scored another couple of goals before Marlborough were able to get one from a great corner in from Kerry Ash. Emma Brown made difficult work for the keeper and Alex Simmonds was able to slot the ball into an open goal.

It wasn't much longer before Melksham got a fifth goal to settle the score. Marlborough played much better football in the last twenty minutes of the game but it was too little too late. They ended their season with a loss.

Despite the result, Marlborough enjoyed the battle and came out stronger. Much like their season, they look forward to new challenges ahead with ongoing spirit.

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Football: Long overdue win gets Marlborough Ladies to next round of Cup

Marlborough Town Ladies 6 Warminster Sky Blues 1

A home game on Sunday, and the first round of the cup meant that spirits were high for Marlborough Town Ladies as they came out to defend their cup title.

They started the game energetically, gaining possession early and passing well.

It was only a few minutes into the game when Kerry Ash made a run down the right wing before taking a long range shot which flew into the back of the net.

It was a great start but, only ten minutes later, Marlborough had a slip in concentration which resulted in a Warminster goal.

Determined to take control of the game, Marlborough worked hard to win every ball and maintain possession.

They moved up the pitch and settled into the Warminster half. A great cross from Kerry, gave Dani Hull an opportunity in front of goal. She took it calmly and slotted the ball past the goal keeper's reach.

Before the half was up, Ffion Williams scored and Dani got another. 4-1 at half time and spirits were high.

Marlborough came out for the second half more determined and disciplined than ever. They dominated the game and played some wonderful football.

Despite the muddy conditions and worsening rain, Ffion and Dani were both able to get another goal each.

When the final whistle blew, Marlborough were elated with a long overdue win and a place in the next round of the cup.

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Five goals in second half see Marlborough Ladies fall to top-of-table Swindon team

Marlborough Town Ladies 0 Swindon Town Development 5

Marlborough began the new year with a difficult battle against top of the league, Swindon Town Development on Sunday.

It was a great game of football but another loss for Marlborough with a final score of 5 nil.

Marlborough started strong; they worked hard to win everything and made it difficult for Swindon to develop any long-term possession. It was physical and fast paced but Marlborough kept their mind on the game.

Abbi Demir showed great spirit in central midfield and played some good passes to Kerry Ash and Dani Hull, who worked tirelessly up and down the wings. The defence was consistent and the strikers worked hard to win every ball.

Marlborough went into the half with a nil nil draw.

Their spirits were high but the depth and talent of the Swindon team was eventually revealed when their patience and fitness came into play in the second half.

Despite countless saves from goalie, Robyn Hill, Marlborough could not keep Swindon from scoring.

They continued to work hard but let in five goals by the end of the game. It was a disappointing result but ultimately a well played game and a good start to 2017.

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Football: Marlborough Town Ladies go into 2017 with optimism

Swindon Supermarine 4 Marlborough Town Ladies 1

The last game of 2016 was another tough one for Marlborough Town Ladies, who lost 4-1 against Swindon Supermarine away.

The game started off positively; the central midfield passing the ball well and distributing to the wingers who worked tirelessly up and down the pitch. The defence was solid and Goalie, Robyn Hill made some tremendous one-on-one saves.

Even with the hard work and consistent quality, a momentary lapse in communication ended with a Supermarine goal 30 seconds before the half.

It was unfortunate but Marlborough did not let it get them down. They came out strong in the second half and continued to battle for every ball.

Abbii Demir had to work especially hard in a new position. She helped win tackles in the midfield whilst the team continued to pass well and communicate superbly.

A penalty and two other Supermarine attacks meant that Swindon took a greater lead but Marlborough never gave up. In the last ten minutes of the game Dani Hull made a great run down the centre of the pitch and punished Supermarine with a brilliantly placed ball in the back corner.

It was too late in the game to change the result but it was an uplifting end to a hard fought battle.

2016 was a difficult year of injuries for Marlborough Town Ladies but they can hold their heads high and look forward to the second half of the season in the new year.

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Football: Marlborough keep their spot at top of Wiltshire league

Marlborough TownMarlborough TownMarlborough Town 2 Royal Wootton Bassett Town 2

Marlborough Town went into Saturday’s game against Royal Wootton Bassett Town Reserves top of the Wiltshire Senior League looking to maintain their good run of form having won the last six games in a row.

The first half got off to a quick start with Bassett nearly going ahead in the first 30 second as Marlborough were caught on their heels, but thanks to a good save from Andy Neale denying the visitors an early lead.

Slowly Marlborough started to get into their passing against Bassett’s direct game and Marlborough had a few changes to take the lead but could not convert any of the opportunities.

Marlborough managed to take the lead on the 35th minute when some good work from Billy Sly down the left hand side and he cut the ball back to Devan Bryan who finished off the move for his 28th goal of the season.

Marlborough had another opportunity to go in to half time further in front when Devan Bryan had his shot blocked by a Bassett defender, then the ball fell to Chris Deane whose shot hit the cross bar and the ball bounced out to Ryan Banks who shot was then saved by the Bassett goalkeeper.

The second half started and Marlborough went out searching for a second goal but it was Bassett who pulled a goal back early in the half.

Marlborough made a change 20 minutes into the half when they brought on Craig Simmons for Chris Deane and it was the substitute who got Marlborough’s second goal when he converted Jordan Ball’s free kick with a glancing header into the top left hand corner to go 2-1 up.
Bassett came back at Marlborough looking for the equaliser and they were successful when they converted a chance in the last minute to grab a point.

Straight from the kick-off Marlborough threw everything forward and nearly snatched the victory when Luke Little’s header rattled the cross bar and Bassett managed to clear the ball away as the referee blew the final whistle.

Marlborough remain joint top of the league with four other teams all on 37 points and go into this week’s game away to Melksham Town FC Reserves looking to get back to winning ways.

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