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First win of the season for Marlborough Ladies

Marlborough Town Ladies 2015-16Marlborough Town Ladies 2015-16Trowbridge Wanderers 1 Marlborough Town Ladies 4

After a disappointing result in their first match, Marlborough Town Ladies were eager to secure a win against Trowbridge Wanderers at Lambrook Playing Fields, Trowbridge on Sunday (September 13).

From the very start, it was evident that Marlborough were the better team, but the initial minutes were shaky. A lot of adrenaline meant that there were some wild passes around the pitch.

It took focus but the game settled and Marlborough got into the swing of it. Eight minutes in, and one of their attacks was rewarded with a free kick just outside of the box. Kerry Ash stepped up and pounded the ball into the top corner to make it 1-0 to Marlborough.

The excitement meant that Marlborough’s focus drifted. Within minutes, a far off lob brought them into danger. Marlborough’s goalkeeper, Robyn Hill, had to spring into action and just managed to prevent a goal from being scored. The next twenty minutes were unsettled. Most of the play was Marlborough's possession but some slips in concentration made it clear that anything could happen if they didn't take more control.

Thirty five minutes in and Ffion Williams had a chance to settle things. She struck from outside the 18 yard box bringing the score to 2-0. There was much relief from the Marlborough team and the tempo picked up.

A few minutes later and Trowbridge smashed a ball from a goal kick that went bouncing over the defenders' heads and into the feet of a quick striker. Robyn Hill was forced to step up again with a great save.

The play bounced back and forth for the next couple minutes until a great turn from Marlborough's new striker, Emma Brown, resulted in a flying ball to the back of the net.

Unfortunately, a late whistle for a Trowbridge injury left the goal disallowed. In their frustration, Marlborough stepped up the attack and, for the next ten minutes, put increasing pressure on the Trowbridge defence.

The halftime whistle blew and there was a chance to make some changes. Vicki Pope moved into the middle and Laura Crampton went into defence where she could keep an eye on Trowbridge's quickest and most threatening player.

Marlborough came out better. They maintained the control that they had finally earned by the end of the first half. They set up camp in the Trowbridge side and passed the ball around much more fluidly.

After thirty minutes of dominating play, a corner from Kerry Ash resulted in another chance. Pressure, from all of the attackers, allowed space for Ffion Williams to pop the ball in from just inside the 6 yard box. 3-0 to Marlborough.

Still pleased by the play, Marlborough's lack of concentration got the better of them. A long ball from the Centre resulted in quick attack and a scramble to get back. Robyn Hill managed to get a hand on the ball but it bounced to the Trowbridge striker who punished Marlborough in their moment of miscommunication. 3-1.

As frustrating as the lapse was, Marlborough picked their heads up and were even more determined to get back into the Trowbridge half of the pitch. They moved the ball around well and showed more of their skill on the wing. 37 minutes gone and it resulted in a free kick just outside of the 18 yard box. With the positioning being on her strong left foot, Vicki Pope stepped up to take the kick. The ball curled beautifully into place, bringing the game to 4-1 with little time to go.

Marlborough stood firm until the final whistle went, giving them the 3 points they needed and their first win of the season.

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Marlborough Youth Football Club scores sponsorship from opticians

Coach Keith Marshall and Janet Hartwell of Haine & Smith with Marlborough Youth Football Club U12 Barbarians in their new kitCoach Keith Marshall and Janet Hartwell of Haine & Smith with Marlborough Youth Football Club U12 Barbarians in their new kitOpticians Haine & Smith have sponsored the new kit of Marlborough Youth Football Club’s U12 Barbarians – and if you can’t see them coming in their bright orange shirts, shorts and socks, you really should get an eye test.

They will certainly look the part when they start the new season in the North Wilts Youth League next week, but sponsors and parents got a sneak preview of the kit when the Barbarians played a friendly against Calne at Salisbury Road Recreation Ground on Saturday, which they won 6-3.

Marlborough Youth Football Club was formed in 2009, and after rapid expansion was voted Wiltshire Sports Club of the Year 2014.

The club's ethos is Football For All offering a wide range of football opportunities in a positive controlled environment for players of all ages and abilities. The club runs boys/girls and mixed teams, and currently has around 240 players across the age groups.

Janet Hartwell, clerk to the trustees of the Haine & Smith Charitable Trust said: “As local independent opticians, Haine & Smith have always enjoyed supporting the community and we are particularly keen to encourage youth sport, owing to the link between keeping fit and active, and eye health. We hope the team will enjoy many wins in their new kit.”

To find out more about playing for Marlborough Youth Football Club log on to

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A loss in Marlborough Ladies’ first game, despite determined play


Marlborough Town Ladies 2015-16Marlborough Town Ladies 2015-16Warminster Sky Blues 3 Marlborough Town Ladies 2

After the build-up to a new season, Marlborough Town Ladies were raring to go. They went into their first game with a thirst to win against Warminster Sky Blue, a new opponent in their league.

The team started on a positive. Straight from the whistle, taking control of play; gaining possession in the centre and pushing it wide. Warminster could not break up their attack and struggled to keep up pace on a very hot day.

Marlborough looked the greater threat until a counter attack gave Warminster a great opportunity. Sensing the danger, Marlborough’s right back Laura Ash went in for a tackle. She caught the opponent just inside the box, resulting in a disappointingly timed penalty kick and a 1-0 start for Warminster.

Marlborough continued to keep a solid defence and hard working midfield throughout the play, opening up opportunities for our attackers. There were a few chances from corners, but unfortunately no goals.

Back into the game after half-time and within two minutes Marlborough created a great opportunity. Kirsty Miles had a shot on target which was stopped by an opposing defenders extended hand. Unfortunately the ref missed the foul and the game moved ends. By the third minute Warminster had scored another, bringing the game to two nil.

Knowing they deserved more than the score line suggested, Marlborough stepped up the pressure even more. They changed some players around but maintained strong composure throughout the team. After another ten minutes of constant pressure, they were finally awarded a penalty. Ffion Williams was calm under pressure, bringing the score to 2-1.

Marlborough felt elated by the change of luck but this was quickly quashed with a long range lob which brought Warminster another opportune goal. A lot of teams would have folded, but Marlborough were even more determined than ever.

Yet again, they took control and dictated play. For the next 15 minutes they hardly left Warminster's half. Marlborough moved the ball quickly from the defence down the wings and into dangerous areas.

They had dozens of shots but struggled to put any away until Ffion stepped up again, hurtling a long range shot just below the crossbar: 3-2 and they were back in the game. The remainder of the game was a continuous onslaught of Marlborough attacking. It was after many missed opportunities that the final whistle blew and they had to resign to an undeserved loss.

Despite the final score line, they felt confident in their abilities and determined in what improvements they can make to bring an even stronger team out for next week’s game against Trowbridge.


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Marlborough Town Ladies fall to Spitfires in cup final, but end season on a high


Marlborough Town Ladies celebratingMarlborough Town Ladies celebratingMarlborough Town Ladies 3 Swindon Spitfires United 4

Our last game of the season was to be our toughest. As the clear underdogs, Marlborough Town Ladies wanted to prove that they were a team worthy of playing in the Cup Final.

With nerves running high, the first ten minutes at Beversbrook Recreation Ground in Calne were a little shaky.

Our back four had to work hard to keep the strong attack of Swindon Spitfires at bay. It was a relentless job and after continuous attempts, Swindon were rewarded with a penalty kick.

Luckily, the shot went wide of the net allowing Marlborough Town the opportunity to continue improving their game plan. We managed to do this with some good defensive headers and tackles but unfortunately, it was hard to maintain.

Within the first twenty minutes, Swindon scored their first goal. We continued to play hard and had numerous opportunities of counter attacks which eventually paid off. Ten minutes before the half finished, Kirsty Miles made a great run and scored to tie it up.

The second half started on a high. We were exhausted but we were proud of our first half performance and hopeful about the half ahead of us.

Knowing that the game wasn't going to be as easy as they first thought, Swindon came out strong. Within the first 10 minutes, they scored to bring them into the lead again. But Marlborough held their heads high. Within another 10 minutes, Cheri Pattie scored to tie the game up; 2-2.

The battle continued throughout the half. Swindon scored a third and eventually a fourth goal. It was 15 minutes to the end when Sarah Thomas scored our third goal from a long range set piece. We maintained our hope.

The last part of the game was a full on attack which included the defensive players pushing forwards. When the final whistle blew, we were mentally and physically exhausted.

There was a mixture of regret and elation. Regret that we hadn't gotten the fourth goal we so desperately wanted and elation for the strong determination and spirit we showed throughout the 90 minutes.

We had played hard, performed well and done ourselves proud. Marlborough Town Ladies had successfully gotten to their first ever Cup Final and had proved to be a worthy opponent.

We finished the event in good spirits. We received trophies, including a player of the game trophy for our captain, Sarah Thomas.

We took photographs to prove the exhaustion in our bodies and pride on our faces. We ended our season on a high and we can't wait to see what the next season holds for us.


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Marlborough Town Ladies seen off by Spitfires

Marlborough Town Ladies Football ClubMarlborough Town Ladies Football ClubSwindon Spitfires Utd 6 Marlborough Town Ladies 0

Playing against Swindon Spitfires Utd at South Marston on May 6 was to be a predecessor for our Cup Final in a week and a half's time. We wanted to prove to them, and to ourselves, that we could beat a team who were much stronger than us on paper.

The game started poorly.

Conditions were harsh; strong winds and a shortage of players made the job ahead feel daunting.

It wasn't long before the first and then the second Swindon goal was scored. Although we hadn't lost hope, we gave Swindon the confidence to knock another three in before half time.

Five-nil is not an easy place to come back from but the re-group at half time was encouraging. We came out more determined than ever. We set to the task of an easier game of good communication and easy passes.

Before long we dominated the play and discouraged most of Swindon's advancements. They managed one more goal in the half but we scored three to justify our hard work.

Although we did not win, we played some great football. We came out of the game with tremendous spirit for the fight ahead. We look forward to meeting Swindon Spitfires Utd. again in the final.

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Marlborough Town Ladies hold tough rivals to a draw

Marlborough Town Ladies Football ClubMarlborough Town Ladies Football ClubHighworth Town 0 Marlborough Town Ladies 0

We always knew it would be a tough game going in.

Highworth are six places above Marlborough in the league and beat us earlier in the season. For this reason, we had to come out strong and persevere throughout at Elms Recreation Ground in Swindon on Sunday.

We had a challenging game of high intensity tackles and even a red card which resulted in the last fifteen minutes being short a player.

Regardless, we kept the intensity through to the end and it paid off with a nil/nil draw against a team who expected to beat us.

The point earned will help us to gain confidence as the season winds down with some big games ahead of us.

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Football: MYFC's Merlins win the North Wilts Youth Winter Cup


MYFCs Merlins have won the North Wilts Youth Winter CupMYFCs Merlins have won the North Wilts Youth Winter CupYoung footballers from Marlborough have some silverware for their trophy cabinet after winning the North Wilts Youth Winter Cup.

Marlborough Youth Football Club’s U10 Merlins squad beat Purton by four goals to one,  to take home the cup. 

And each of the players were awarded a trophy to take home. 

Along with the Colts, the Merlins are one of two U10 squads fielded by Marlborough Youth Football Club, which was last year named Sports Club of the Year at the Wiltshire Sports Awards for its work with 240 children in Marlborough.

The youngsters have been playing together since the formed the U6 squad.

To find out more about youth football in Marlborough, log on to


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Wiltshire’s sports club of the year: Marlborough Youth Football Club celebrate

Click to enlargeClick to enlargeThey stayed on for a while after their Friday evening training session on the College’s astroturf to be joined by Marlborough’s Mayor, Marian Hannaford-Dobson for some celebration photographs – and a lot of happy cheering.

Last month they were named Wiltshire’s sports club of the year in Wiltshire Council’s annual sports awards.  And they were up against some tough opposition from well-established and very grown-up clubs – including Trowbridge Rugby Club.

MYFC Chairman Jon Davidson organised a sea of excited orange vests into a group around one of the goals with the Mayor in the middle and the coaching team on the wings.  

Somewhere in the midst of it all was the treasured certificate, which makes the award official - and visible.

As the Mayor said as we waited for the training session to finish, winning this award was a great achievement.  And someone standing nearby said:  “I had no idea we had so many young children in the town – isn’t this just great?”

MYFC AngelsMYFC AngelsThere was a special team photograph for the Angels.  They are the Club’s first girls team – the under-twelves.  They are being sponsored by the Marlborough based Slater Music School.   The Angels have already come top in a tournament hosted by Swindon Town FC.

Wiltshire Sports Club of the Year Certificate being proudly displayed by Natalie Davidson, who with her friend Zara came up with the idea for the AngelsWiltshire Sports Club of the Year Certificate being proudly displayed by Natalie Davidson, who with her friend Zara came up with the idea for the Angels

Jon Davidson is now on the look out for sponsors for more girls teams.  They have  65 girls in the section – and that is very nearly six teams worth of eager talent.  Any new players or coaches who would like to get involved with Marlborough Youth Football Club contact Jon Davidson, contact details below.  Also, they are looking to start a 'Walking Football' group - no running allowed(!), thus looking to attract participants from the other end of the age spectrum!

Jon can be contacted at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or, 07760 707070,


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Justin Cook's World Cup Diary - Day 11

Nice way to see the gameNice way to see the gameI arrived into São Paulo and was picked up by my friend Luiz. I was staying at his house in the Vila Madalena area of the city. I slept and awoke for judgement day... England versus Uruguay.

I had managed to score a full corporate hospitality ticket for the game through a business contact in the UK. I made my way over to meet Benni to get the ticket and grab a ride over to the stadium.

I must admit i felt pretty nervous about the game considering the Italy performance but held it in.

Benni and I drove over to the stadium and entered. The energy of the place was amazing and the tension palpable. We found our entrance and went in.

Wow,this was pretty plush, I thought: a sushi bar, salmon and chicken bar, full bar and comfy seating with an entrance onto our seating block. We had a few drinks and took our seats.

A packed stadiumA packed stadiumThe teams came out and simply put it felt like we were going to war as the noise from the Uruguay fans was immense and the English fans, I am afraid, were drowned out. Simply put, it felt like the Uruguay fans wanted it more and had the bigger heart for this game.

Maybe us English have had too many disappointments over the years at major tournaments and its quietened our voice. The game started well and was pretty balanced and Rooney looked nearly at full fitness and again Jagielka looked a yard short, it was really worrying.

It was about three minutes or so to half time and you just sensed that something bad was going to happen.

Just as I thought please don't let them score before half time, 20 seconds later Suarez lost his man (Jagielka) and rifled it in. My heart dropped but it had been coming this goal for a while.

Half time and we were in the bar and I was trying to put a brave face on it but I was feeling hollow and hoping that England could get back into this game.

The second half started and the stadium was rocking and the Uruguay fans were stamping their feet making the whole stadium rumble. It felt like the final, and not a group game, such was the intensity in the place.

Five minutes before the end Rooney scored his first World Cup goal by bundling a cross in on the goal mouth. I must have cheered at the top of voice for about a minute. Then the English defence crumbled again as the Uruguay goal keeper kicked a ball that was allowed to carry all the way down to Suarez who made no mistake in securing his second goal of the night and ultimately confirmed England's demise.

Justin Benni and friendsJustin Benni and friendsI made my way back to the bar and met with Benni and some of his friends. They were very sweet and supportive as I think they must of sensed I was gutted. We said our goodbyes and I made my way to the Metro outside the stadium. I felt turned inside out and so down.

It was over and although a slim chance remained, that light was extinguished when Costa Rica beat Italy on Friday.

I want to dedicate this blog to the fans who made it out to Brazil and the effort they made in their costumes and good will towards all the different footballing nations and their fans, it made me really proud even after the game how they hung out and took photos with the young kids from Brazil and Uruguay and this really made me feel good.

I even met one guy from Manchester who had broken his hand a week before he was due to fly out and had major surgery pinning his hand together and still made it out. I asked him if his hand hurt and he relied yes but it was worth it - total dedication.

Torn to ribbonsTorn to ribbonsConcerning the English team we have a great pool of talent in Barkley, Chamberlain, Sterling, Sturridge and Shaw. Jones, Cahill, Jagielka, Rooney, Gerrard however are past their peak and need to be replaced.

I am glad I came and witnessed the occasion, as its been great. Not sure if I am heading down to the final England game as I just don’t have the heart and would rather head back up to Bahia to the sun and ocean as it is very cold and rainy down here in São Paulo.

Thanks for following my blog and I hope it gave you a sense of Brazil and its people and places.





The English Lion in the metro station outside São Paulo stadium The English Lion in the metro station outside São Paulo stadium The English Knights in ManausThe English Knights in ManausBeefeaterBeefeater

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