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Justin Cook’s World Cup Diary - Days 8, 9 and 10

Justin  Andrea Marina at Barra GrandeJustin Andrea Marina at Barra GrandeAs I sit here in the hammock looking out onto the Atlantic Ocean remembering the last three days I realised I have to write about my thoughts and experiences as Bahia is like another world compared to São Paulo or Rio and has more in common with Manaus really.

The North of Brazil is so different to the south, mostly to do with the Indian cultural influence I think. The uniformity of the buildings however across Brazil are very similar and this is because of its colonial past mainly Portuguese, but French and Dutch also.

So after spending three days on the island of Itaparica (one hour from Salvador by ferry)at Marcio's house on Barra Grande, I have got a tan and feel really relaxed. I spent the first day on the island walking round the place and soaking up the vibe. It is a very relaxed island and very local.

Marcio's house is directly on the beach and it is a traditional and simple beach house. My room is facing the sea and every night I go to sleep to the rhythm of the waves and am awoken the same way. It is incredibly relaxing here and the pace of life is muito tranquillo(very calm).

They have traditional fishing techniques here and some that are not so traditional. The not-so-traditional methods include throwing dynamite into the water to blow the fish up and wait for them to float on the top, this is obviously a disaster for the other fisherman who use traditional techniques and damages the eco system of the sea and ruins it for everyone. This will continue as there seems to be no enforcement on stopping it.

There are lots of good beach bars with full internet on the other side of the island located at Ponta De Areia and I would recommend Mike's bar as the fish and lobster are great at a very reasonable price. I fear that the island will change once the bridge is completed to join it to the mainland of Salvador. They have just started construction on a bridge that will take a good five years to build and so I would definetely recommend a visit here before that work is complete.

Spending time with Marcio and Paulino's daughter Andrea Marina has been wonderful. I stated earlier that I was going to teach Andrea English, but it has actually worked in the reverse and she has been teaching the gringo to speak Portuguese. She is is only three but bright as a button and took delight in telling me that if I had one flower in my hand it was not "flores" as I spoke but "Flor" as there was only one flower. Brilliant and, as I said, bright as a button.

The Germans in Barra GrandeThe Germans in Barra GrandeI watched the Germany versus Portugal game at Mike’s bar on Monday, and Pepe was a complete fool for head butting his opponent. Watching Germany take Portugal apart was a sight to see and the reality of the massive hill that Ronaldo and his team now have to climb was evident all over Ronaldo’s face.

In the evening I watched the USA versus Ghana game and USA played great with total heart and desire. Dempsey scored within 30 seconds of the games start and Brooks slotted in his first international goal to put the game to bed. The USA deserved the win without a doubt.

Marcio and I watched the USA game in town in a little roadside bar over a couple of bottles of Skol. We met two sweet kids there who were staying with their grandmother on the island who came from the Salvador suburbs and the little girl told me that she liked staying with her grandmother as she could not sleep at night at home due to all the gun fire at night outside her house. This made me feel quite sad for her but she had a great enthusiasm for life and God willing, she will work hard at school and get a good job and one day have a quiet neighbourhood to call home.

On Tuesday Marcio and I decided to goto Salvador to his friend’s restaurant, Recanto Da Lua Cheia, and watch the Brazil versus Mexico game. So after slightly toasting myself on the beach we made our way to town to catch the ferry. We watched the Belgium versus Algeria game. After a shock penalty for Algeria Fellaini was brought on and the whole game changed instantly. Fellaini equalised with a trademark Afro header and then on a counter attack Mertens put the game to bed. I think Belgium look really good and I think will get better and better as the tournament proceeds.

We arrived at the mainland and headed for the restaurant located at Praia da Pedra Furada. It was a beautiful restaurant with an amazing view onto the Todo os Santos (all saints) and the sunset was beautiful.

We settled down to watch the Brazil versus Mexico game with some fish and beer. The Mexicans were totally fearless and their goalkeeper Ochoa gave the best goalie performance of the tournament so far. He was simply breathtaking and it was not long until Marcelo and Neymar were arguing like kids. Mexico must of had eight or nine attempts on goal in the second half against Brazil's 3. Brazil do not look like winning this tournament right now after an unconvincing 0-0 draw against Mexico.

Juracy, Justin and MarcioJuracy, Justin and MarcioAfter the game I went over to Marcio and his friend's table. I met a great guy called Juracy Junior who goes to the same university at Marcio. Juracy came from a military and police family and had joined the police force from a very young age. He was now at the rank of Captain aged 35. He is now in an administration role at the headquarters of the force. He had done his service on the streets and his last assignment before moving upstairs had been the pacification of Salvador flavelas.

I asked him how he felt doing this final assignment. He said he felt conflicted as he had grown up with the same people he had to pacify and in some ways this had changed his mindset about things. We spoke about the GIGS regiment in Manaus and he confirmed that only two policeman from the Bahia region had actually ever passed the CIGS jungle survival test and it was considered incredibly hard. The police in Brazil allow their officers to attend University while in service and after the Word Cup the police were paying for Juracy to take his helicopter pilot license. Juracy is a very interesting character and I look forward to seeing how his life develops.

Juracy suggested that he wanted to show me the old historical town of Salvador, known as Pelourinho. I gladly accepted and Marcio, myself, Juracy and his lady all jumped into the car and drove to the old town.

On Tuesday nights the old town jumps into life with a massive party called Escadaria do Passo with Geronimo where it just goes off. In the main square there are stages they play traditional music and lots of street food stands. The culture of Bahia is not to really go clubbing but instead turn the street into the club and it just turns into a massive block party. Everyone is out and looking for fun. The energy is astounding and the primal heart beat is loud.

Escadaria do Passa with Geronimo in Salvador Old CityEscadaria do Passa with Geronimo in Salvador Old CityGeronimo puts a free live music gig on for the people of the town every Tuesday night for the last the years. The musical flavour is Afro-Caribbean and is just awesome. It would be great to get them to next years Marlborough Jazz Festival. Geronimo plays with his band at the bottom of this massive stairway with all the people lines up in their hundreds all the way up the stairs. It really was an full sensual overload and I think I will return here before I come home as it needs more investigation.

We all decided to make our way back to the car so Marcio and I could catch the last ferry back to Itaparica. As we walked up another side street the sound of drums came booming towards us. Ha! Another street party this time with the music being supplied by Olodum drum school. These guys were incredible and the whole street was just rocking. Women dancing down the line and going crazy in front of the drum line dancing furiously.

It was like a scene out of Angel Heart, honestly I have never experienced anything like this evening before and the fact is happens every Tuesday night is amazing and I would really encourage anyone coming to Brazil you must head up to Salvador and check this out. Salvador reminds me most of Kingston, Jamaica with it's beating Afro Caribbean heart.

I am now going to take a last swim in the ocean and try not to burn myself to a crisp before I prepare for departing vibrant and amazing Salvador. My good friend Marcio has been really kind letting me into his house and allowing me the privilege to hang out with Andrea Marina for a few days. I am very lucky to know this wonderful family.

Last thought... Rooney back in middle, Sterling back on wing. Got to be, right ?

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Justin Cook’s World Cup Diary - Day 6 and 7

Justin with his ticketJustin with his ticketGetting to this Manaus game had been very hard, both finically and logistically.

I bought a ticket in March this year from a web-based company, and it cost $670 US and was in a really good place in the stadium.

The ticket was going to be sent direct to Manaus three days before the game. A day before I flew to Manaus from São Paulo I emailed the company to confirm the the ticket was in carriage. My email was bounced back with the domain name not being recognised. I then went to their website and found that too had been taken down.

I had researched this company online for reviews etc and they seemed good in the whole but the horror of the situation dawned on me that I could have spent all this money and that I would not be able to see the Italy game.

I called the company and again no one answered. I made my peace with the reality that I had no ticket and flew up to Manaus anyway, making a mental note to deal with the company again.

In life I have learnt (the hard way) that if something goes wrong there is nothing you can do about it and you just have to go with the flow as going against it will only take more energy so I knew that something would turn up if I just waited and looked further down the stream.

I made some loose enquiries at the FIFA fan fest centre in Manaus and their were tickets floating about, but at increased prices beyond my planned budget and someone I met on the plane had promised that they had spares that I could buy but I still did not have a ticket in my grubby little hands.

Justin with Daniel and Mathew at Manaus on way to the gameJustin with Daniel and Mathew at Manaus on way to the gameThe day of the match came and I was chilling at the guest house in Manaus and waiting for some people to call me back about a ticket.

Then it happened: Daniel had gone to collect another guest from the airport. Daniel drove into the car park and introduced me to his new guest.

Mathew is a photographer/journalist from the States and was covering the World Cup for a major magazine from there. I introduced myself and within two minutes Mathew told me that he had three tickets available for the game and would sell me one for face value at £100.00.

I nearly kissed him and we concluded the deal. The tickets were really good and were seven rows from the front on level one; basically amazing tickets that meant you were so close to the game.

It was decided that Daniel and his nephew Mathew would join with American Mathew and I to attend the game. So the four of us got ready to leave. The match was starting at 18:00 and the stadium opened at 16:00.

So the day had finally come, and with the Uruguay losing 3-1 to Costa Rica this was an ideal opportunity to make some ground ahead of the São Paulo game for England so with a fair level of excitement and nerves we all got in the car and made our way to the Arena Da Amazonia for the rumble in the jungle with England versus Italy.

The four of us decided to grab some food on the way as we were starving. We went to a food hall and ordered some food. Whilst all waiting at the table we heard a commotion coming down the road and we rushed to the road to see what was happening. It was the teams heading to the arena.

As we stood there the England bus went past in police convoy followed by the Italy bus - so cool. The atmosphere was really building and all four of us were getting really excited.

We parked the car and started walking to the Arena. It was a joyous sight watching everyone walk to the greatest show on earth in Brazil.

Daniel’s nephew Mathew is ten years old and was so excited and had already decided to support England, good boy!

Not fancy dress - a real English BobbyNot fancy dress - a real English BobbyWe entered the Arena and to my surprise I saw two English police officers. At first I thought it was fancy dress but actually it was a real policeman and policewoman drafted in for the UK to keep and eye on the English fans - so, so cool.

The sad thing about this tournament is that in most games the FIFA allotted corporate seating areas are always mostly empty and this is awful really.

Why not give these seats to kids homes or something more deserving than fat cat corporate companies who have no respect for the beautiful game? England versus Italy was the same with a large area of empty corporate seating.

The four of us took our seats and waited for the game to begin. The players all filed out and started their warm up, the closeness to pitch side was amazing and you could see all the players and all of a sudden the pitch seemed really small.

It always happens whenever you go see a live game the pitch always seems smaller as watching on TV does give a distorted view of the scale and it felt like you were so close to the action you could of been watching a game in your local park... amazing.

The game began and unbelievably England's defence was holding its own really well and the boys looked sharp with their passing game too.

England warming upEngland warming upTheir shape was excellent and discipline good. Early on however Jaelkia was loosing a yard regularly and it was plain to see, again and again his opposite number was getting on side of him by a yard and this was worrying.

Raheem Sterling was snapping at everyone's heels again and doing a fine job with his pace and talent. Rooney playing on the left looked sharp enough and Sturridge was prowling round looking for that layoff or goal scoring opportunity.

I think in that first half England had about three or four goal scoring opportunities and they simply did not take their chances and if you don't take your chances at this level and the other team does then you will be in trouble.

Claudio Marchislo scored for Italy and we were in trouble, 1-0 kind of trouble. Within five minutes England had levelled with a sublime lay off by Rooney to Sturridge. 1-1. Then half time came and we all let a sigh of relief out. It was all to play for and in the balance.

The second half started and we looked tired. The defence started to become loose and Rooney was still misfiring. Jack Wiltshire came on and quite frankly does not look fit or look like an England player, he just seems weak and seems to be not strong enough to hold the ball with any real strength.

Then it happened: Balotelli scored a simple header on Joe harts near side post. Then the game was over... very disappointing but that's football.

So that night we went out and forgot about the game and enjoyed the fun that Manaus had to offer. No details I’m afraid, as your man in Brazil has to have some down time, right?

Marcio and familyMarcio and familyThe next morning very bleary eyed Daniel drove me to the airport and I flew to Salvador. Salvador is a very industrial city with approximately three million people living there. They call Salvador the Africa of Brazil.

I was met by my old friend Marcio at the airport and we drove to the ferry port where we caught a ferry to the Island of Itaparica. We then travelled to Barra Grande.

Marcio is a final year graduate of Salvador University and is studying marine biology. I met Marcio three years previous when I was staying in Paraty. He lives on the island of Itaparica with his wife and daughter, Paulina and Andrea Marina.

His house is on the beach and it's going to be great spending time with them as a family and teaching three year old Andrea Marina English.

As I sit here on Monday morning approximately I week after I arrived I am thrilled with all the travels and things I have seen so far in this beautiful country.

I am looking out of my window onto the beach right now and straight ahead is Africa (5,000 miles away) and North West (5,000 miles away) is Europe.

I will not blog again until Thursday as there is no internet really here and electricity only at specific times of the day, so my IT options are limited.

Upon reflection of the game I don't think we did too bad and maybe we can still qualify.

As I send this I am at Mike’s beach bar on Ponte de Areia and it's paradise really, listening to Bob Marley and just about to watch the Portugal versus Germany game on TV and facing onto the ocean. Not bad Brazil, not bad at all.

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Justin Cook’s World Cup Diary - Day 5

Justin with Eraldo CruzJustin with Eraldo CruzI arrived in Manaus: flying in over the canopy of the Amazon really was quite beautiful and managing to grab a blissful three hours sleep on the plane from Brasilia made my landing soft and dreamy but really alert too, due to the new aesthetic I was experiencing.

I got my luggage and was met by Daniel, the guy I booked with for my stay and he seemed a solid guy so all smooth on the arrival in Manaus.

As soon as you left the cool air of the terminal it hit you like a steam train - the unbelievable heat of the Amazon. It’s not a piercing heat, but a slow cook deep heat. It is just coming into the summer months in the Amazon and I would imagine you would get the same level of heat standing next to a blast furnace in the old days in Sheffield.

My host Daniel is a wonderful guy and along with sister Rebeca run a lovely spacious four-bedroom house in the canter of Manaus. I checked in and sorted myself out. I met Rebeca and her partner Lieutenant Franco who was in the CIGS regiment of the army numbering over five thousand strong which were based in the area of where the guest house was situated.

The Lieutenant was a lovely bloke and the army in Brazil are like the guardians of the people and with such a corrupt police force here they are always there in the background in Brazil and interestingly enough are handling all of the sec He was a gentle likeable guy and we talked about life, politics and football for a while. He suggested I came down to the base and checked the zoo out. “The zoo?” I asked.

Back to that later; I want to talk about the CIGS's regiment a bit more as they are a pretty spectacular lot.

An anacondaAn anacondaThe CIGS are the crack jungle warfare unit based here in Manaus. These guys are no joke and are trained to sleep and feed themselves in the Amazon whilst conducting military exercises.

They have to run 10-15kms through the jungle in one go before a break, SWAT and the SAS are trained by these guys too.

I met a lovely man called Eraldo Cruz who had been enrolled for 27 years and was the main instructor there. He was trying to convince me to go on an exercise with him and promised that if I was bitten by a snake it would be ok because he could save me.

Priceless although I must say that if I did have to enter the jungle for any reason he would be the guy I would want watching my back as he was born in the Amazon basin in a small village and probably knew how to survive in the jungle before his thirteenth birthday at least.

Now back to the zoo. The facility is run alongside the CIGS regiment and has a collection of animals from ranging from five different types of eagles, jaguars, anacondas, cougars and monkeys (three different kinds). My favourite monkey was from the prego species. They have a similar character to a Jack Russell: cheeky.

The ethos of the zoo is to look after animals that are found injured on patrol or rescued from poachers and so too tame to release again.

A lizardA lizardIt’s a difficult call as the enclosures for the monkeys are really excellent and the wild cats are in fair-sized enclosures perhaps each one the size of half a football field but just seeing them caged made me sad, however I could see the positive side on the rescue front.

For instance the Gaviao Real Eagle was trafficked by poachers and the Federal police after busting them gave the Eagle to the zoo.

The CIGS soldiers are responsible for maintaining the zoo and have veterinary surgeons who look after the animals. The Eagles are kept in cages which is sad but the condition of the animals was excellent and if you are going to have a zoo the best place is probably the amazon for climate and diet conditioning requirements.

The bond between CIGS and the animals in time means poaching could be eradicated and with a the large component of native Indian conscripts who are within the CIGS I think poachers would have to be pretty stupid to take on these guys on their own turf with the skills and knowledge they possess.

In the second half of the day I watched the Holland game on TV and quite frankly Dutch attacking football is back and has smashed the Tika-taka into little pieces and how much fun were Holland having with each other and Van Hal.

I sensed a complete togetherness within the team and VP is back in a big way so next season at the theatre of dreams looks like a beautiful story unfolding.

The pressure on Rooney is massive now as VP is Van Hal's favourite, so Rooney not only has to deliver for us England fans but for his club future too. Stakes have never been higher.

Chile were lucky to have the win in the end as the Ozzies could of been alright if the second attempt straight after their first goal had gone in things might have been different, but in the end sadly I think they were outclassed and beaten up a bit by Chile.

The level of football Holland have set raises the bar high for England in terms of competing at the tournament and they will either fight of flight.

No point with Hodgson being too cautious as I think it’s all about goal difference if the scoring continues like it, is so no draws or 1-0 will suffice this time. England have to score more goals than their opposition do, plain and simple, especially as our defence is not water tight yet by a long way.

And finally, before I go, at the end of my CIGS zoo trip I was sitting under shade with Daniel and we heard a big thump. Twenty meters away there was a bright Amazon green iguana laying on the ground who had fallen about three meters down onto the ground, I went over and had a chat and decided to call him Harry.

I have a charger problem (ain't that a surprise!) and until powered up can't send pics, but will later this afternoon so please come back and check the blog for pictures as they are stunning.

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Justin Cook’s World Cup Diary - Day 4

Home fans are happy to welcome Justin as an honary BrazilianHome fans are happy to welcome Justin as an honary BrazilianAs I sit here on my leisurely six hour lay over at Brasilia airport on the way to Manaus I have the chance to update you all. Today was the day: the World Cup started in earnest in the ill-fated Arena de São Paulo, hosts Brazil taking on Croatia.

The opening ceremony was really quite gentle and fitting till J-Lo and Pitbull (panto)mimed their way through the World Cup song completely out of sync and then the World Cup started for real.

I watched the game in a local square with the Brazilian community with my good friend Danielle Leonel. The mood had lifted sum what from earlier in the week and although there was rioting going on in Rio & Belo Horitonze and the protestors had tried to block the road to the SP stadium, it was on.

Brazil started rather poorly and Croatia were all over them taking the fight to their front door but then the shock of Marcelo scoring a home goal and gifting the lead to Croatia stunned the arena and the community square and you could see the look of horror on all the beautiful faces.

Brazil seemed not to be creating the chances they should of been considering the talent they have in their ranks and Croatia kept sweeping down the left wing pinging balls straight into the box.

Home fans in celebratory moodHome fans in celebratory moodThen it happened...the softest penalty you have ever seen and Neymar stepped up and fired it like a bullet off the desperate hands of the keeper and into the net. 1-1. Marcelo sighed a relief I bet.

Croatia came back strong but David Luiz and Oscar started to really come into their own and more than once Luiz saved Brazils bacon defending the balls coming into the box.

At times it was like watching Chelsea with Luiz and Oscar having a six sense together. Croatia were still not beaten but when Neymar slotted the second in from a great pass from Oscar the writing was on the wall.

The third goal was personally my favourite with Oscar toe punting it past the keeper with a brilliant bit of skill, and deservedly Oscar was named man of the match. Marcelo however was really beaten up by Croatia and I bet his shins are very sore after Croatia kept bringing him down again and again all night.

Also A few yellow cards were given in the match must notably from Neymar deliberately giving Luka Modric a forearm smash into the face and really being the World Cup should of been a straight red in my opinion and for sure home court advantage played a huge part in it only being a yellow and without a doubt in my view the ref bottled it due to the stature of the occasion.

If it had been Howard Webb it would of been a straight red.

Neymar will have to be very careful going forward as he now has a yellow that carries into the next match and anymore petulance from the baby faced thumb sucker and Brazil will loose talisman in the vital group stage.

So all in all the first game of the tournament did not disappoint and Croatia gave a good account of themselves but I am afraid just not good enough.

Also during the match the sound of fireworks and bangers could be heard everywhere in the city and indeed in the square and you felt the city of São Paulo rocking.

Oh yes, and so far I’ve only seen two England fans eating in a bar. I guess they must be all up in Manaus getting caught out by the sun in a classic mad dogs and Englishman scenario but will confirm that later when I arrive at approximately 7am tomorrow.

This was not a classic Brazil performance and Croatia caused them problems right to the end, but a win is win, however scrappy, and I think that the happiest face in the arena was Dilma Rousseff the Brazil president who almost jumped into the heavens with the result, as Brazil delivered the only result that she really needed to justify the costs incurred both financially and socially to the country of Brazil.

Sitting next to Rousseff was Sept Blatter surely realising this could be his last tournament of enjoying his seat in the gods and mentally preparing for his future seating arrangements in the cheap seats.

The atmosphere in the square was awesome with young and old all jumping for joy for the win and you it struck me that Brazil really needs to win this tournament for the sake of unity within Brazil but when they come up against a decent team I think things could be different.

So with my heavy eyes I will bed down on this concrete floor for a couple of hours of shut eye in the penthouse in the basement. The signs were all there this was going to be a great snooze.

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Justin Cook’s World Cup Diary - Day 3

Maurice Plas Jnr and Snr outside PlasMaurice Plas Jnr and Snr outside PlasI was walking down the Rua Augusta today and came across this tailor’s shop called Plas.

It looked an interesting shop and I sensed there was a story to be told so I went in.

I was greeted by Maurice Plas Jnr and after a while chatting he introduced me to his father Maurice Snr and his mum, Gisela. We talked a while and the most amazing story unfolded.

Maurice Plas and Jean his brother were tailors and hat makers, trained in France and born in Normandy.

They met with another tailor called Joseph Goldman who came from Poland. Maurice and his brother were convinced by Joseph to leave Europe after WW2 and start a new life.

Maurice and his brother wanted to go to Canada, but Joseph convinced them to travel to Brazil instead and so in 1949 the twenty-something Plas brothers and their friend Joseph Goldman, aged forty years or so, left France and headed for Brazil looking for something better after the horrors that took place in the previous ten year period.

Justin with Maurice Snr and GiselaJustin with Maurice Snr and GiselaThey arrived in São Paulo and started to build a tailoring business together that lasted till 1954 when the Plas brothers decided to go their own way and split from Joseph, setting up their own stand alone tailoring and hat making business.

They opened their shop on the Rua Augusta in 1954 and called it Plas. The Plas brothers then set about converting the bohemian theatre actors of the day, who had made the Rua Augusta their hang out, into wearing colourful berets and hats, the legend began.

Now let's leave Maurice and Jean there for a minute and talk about Maurice's wife to be, Gisela Christine.

Gisela was born in Germany, in June 1939. At the outbreak of World War Two, Gisela's father was a German infantry officer posted at the front line and really no different to the English or American front line soldiers caught up in a desperate and bitter conflict that would scar all sides for years to come.

In 1947 Gisela was shipped out on the first departing ship from Germany to Brazil at the tender age of seven.

Gisela was allowed to leave Germany on this first ship due to her mother and grandfather being born in Brazil. Her father was still interned in the UK in a POW camp until he was later allowed to also depart for Brazil.

Gisela and Maurice met at a party in the summer of 1960 and fell in love. They married and had two children, Maurice Jnr and Robert. Jean Plas died in 1969 and Joseph Goldman died in the 1990s.

Robert PlasRobert PlasToday Maurice Jnr runs the sales side of the business at Plas and his younger brother Robert has followed in his fathers footsteps and become a tailor.

Maurice Snr, now aged 82, still tailors today and this historical business looks to run for another generation to come.

I felt this story needed to be recounted, especially as we have just remembered the fallen of WW2 and personally it's a real pleasure to have been able to tell the Plas story in this way.

This family are a warm and special kind of people and I would certainly recommend anyone visiting São Paulo to take a trip down to the Plas shop on the Rua Augusta and buy a hat or have a fine suit made.

I have purchased a wonderful hat and am proudly wearing it now as I sit here having my strict one-a-day caipirinha watching out onto the enchanted streets of São Paulo with it's many different stories of many different people

I feel the soul of the city soaking into me... oops just ordered another one!

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Our man in Brazil - Justin Cook reports from the World Cup for Marlborough News Online

I first fell in love with football when I attended the Euros when they were last in the UK. The game I attended was at Wembley with Scotland verses England.

In the space of two minutes David Seamen saved a penalty taken by Mcalister. Then it went down the other end and Gazza lobbed the ball over the Scottish defence and volleyed it into Scotland’s goal.

I was sitting in the stands behind Scotland's goal. It has left an imprint on me for life.

So, the time has finally come, the biggest footballing tournament on the planet is returning back to Brazil.

The last time Brazil hosted the tournament was back in 1950 when they lost out in the final to Uruguay 2-1, played out at the legendary Maracana stadium in Rio.

Justin Cook at the Maracana stadium in BrazilJustin Cook at the Maracana stadium in BrazilI decided to attend this magical festival of football as soon as England qualified and have been slowly saving the pennies to fund this wallet denting fiesta of fun for the last seven months.

I made the commitment to attend the World Cup based on the youth contained in the England squad as it's been an age of disappointment with England since 1966.

I don't really think we can win the tournament this year but to just make it out of our group would be fantastic. The age old questions still apply... will Cahill and Jagielka be strong enough? Will Rooney under perform again on his last realistic World Cup showing?

There are however many positives also. Luke Shaw, in my opinion, is a fantastic prospect but is yet to be tested on the big stage. Hart in goal seems confident and sharp again but Rob Green played a blinder in the FA Cup with QPR and makes a brilliant number two.

The midfield is oozing talented youth and with the stewardship of the ‘midfield general’ Stevie Gerrard I do believe that Ross Barkley and Raheem Sterling can and will make a huge impact on the tournament.

With Daniel Sturridge and Rickie Lambert alongside a firing Rooney this could represent the best team for a generation since the Scholes/Beckham era. To say I am excited is a real understatement. I will be checking in from time to time by sending blogs and pictures to Marlborough News Online.

I really want to give all the football fans of Marlborough a taste of ‘Brasil 2014’ so everyone keep your fingers crossed for the boys and long may their tournament run!


So I touched down at 6am today (Monday) onto Brazilian soil and the first surprise is that my bags are still in London and will not arrive until tomorrow morning. Not surprised really as think the phantom of T2 and it's new opening has caused this.

The airport is full of fans - mostly Mexicans and they are so pumped up - singing their lungs out. Also São Paulo metro workers still on strike so it's going to be gridlock in the city.

Waiting for my bus to take me to the Paulista. The vibe is excellent though and I can feel something building… what is building is not quite clear yet.

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Ladies soccer team seeks new players

Marlborough Town LadiesMarlborough Town LadiesMarlborough Town Ladies football club is looking for new players. Training takes place every Wednesday evening at Marlborough Football Club, Elcot Lane, and the Women's Wiltshire League club is open to players of all ages and abilities.

For more information, email team captain Sarah-Jayne Thomas at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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