Patrick Shaw ends his year as Marlborough Golf Captain with a tribute to the NHS

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L to r: Peter Emery (Captain elect), Tom Ruddick, Roger Henry & Patrick ShawL to r: Peter Emery (Captain elect), Tom Ruddick, Roger Henry & Patrick Shaw Marlborough Golf Club's outgoing captain, Patrick Shaw, paid a moving tribute to NHS staff at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in his closing speech following a very successful ‘Captain’s Finale’ event.

“I would like to mention two very special people - Senior Consultant Oncology Dr Alice Freebairn and Kumaran Thiruppathy, consultant colorectal surgeon - both of whom were key to my recovery - indeed all the NHS staff. We don’t realise how lucky we are to have such wonderful people to look after us when we are ill.” 

He went on to say how important the visits and enquiries from club members had been to him during his convalescence at home: “I’m a bachelor boy, I live alone, and they lifted my spirits!” 

And the golf?  They played in pairs with both scores counting and very popular winners emerged - Tom Ruddick and Roger Henry! When the cards were checked (Tom Ruddick and Roger Henry did the checking as it happens) they had a preposterous total of 88 stableford points. 

Patrick Shaw hands Meredith Lambert a £1,600 cheque for NewlifePatrick Shaw hands Meredith Lambert a £1,600 cheque for NewlifeAs the Club's scribe wrote: "OK, so it was temporary greens following heavy overnight rain but even so, 88?  Tom got 45 and Roger 43, pretty impressive."

Afterwards all the players were treated to a very good chicken curry with piles of crisp poppadums. 

During his year as Captain Patrick Shaw raised £1,600 for the Newlife charity which provides support and equipment for disabled children.

Patrick Shaw started his captaincy with typical enthusiasm and a pledge to raise awareness of how important courtesy and respect are to the wellbeing of our club, both on and off the golf course: 


"Well said, Patrick. your message rings true to all of us and we wish you good golf and good health in the future."