Hockey: Spirited Marlborough lose 2-5 to Robinsons

Written by Anil Sud.

Marlborough vs Robinsons A            Marlborough lose 2-5

With the season fifty per cent complete, Marlborough travelled to Bristol to face Robinsons in the return leg of the opening fixture of the 2012-13 season.  The first meeting between the two sides had been an attacking, exciting game in which Robinsons had edged home seven goals to four.

The game began with Marlborough looking the brighter of the two sides, showing a confidence and calmness controlling the game through some excellent ball retention.   Their bright start was rewarded after some intricate passing and sharp work down the right hand side led to Anil Sud scoring with a quick-fire shot on the angle. 

The opening goal led to Robinsons changing their tactics as they had not been able to pass their way through Marlborough’s midfield.  They levelled after a slight lapse in Marlborough concentration and soon took the lead after a crash ball deflection.

With such a quick turn around in the score line Marlborough rededicated themselves to the game and were soon making inroads themselves but without the final touch necessary to score. 

Just before the half time break Robinsons increased their lead to 3-1 after another crash ball made its way to an unmarked striker for an easy tap in.

The second half could not have started any worse for Marlborough as within a minute the score was 4-1 after another Robinsons deflection.  The game then ebbed and flowed with both sides pressing for goals and Marlborough’s endeavour was rewarded when Sud struck again from the top of the ‘d’ to bring some hope of a result back.

Unfortunately thoughts of a Marlborough comeback were stopped after Robinsons scored from an incorrectly awarded short corner towards the end of the second half. 

The game ended 5-2 but with Marlborough captain Rich Holman proud of his young side's brave, spirited performance.