Hockey: Marlborough just miss vital points at Swansea

Written by Anil Sud.

Marlborough vs Swansea                Marlborough lose 2-1

After a narrow defeat in their previous outing against Exeter University, Marlborough made the trip over to Swansea for what was yet again another vitally important game in terms of relegation.  The previous fixture between the two sides had been a close affair which ended 3-3 after Swansea equalised with what turned out to be the final play of the game.

Marlborough started this game well and using the quick, bouncy pitch to their advantage made several fast attacks which forced Swansea on to the back foot.  This became particularly important as Swansea’s only way of clearing the ball was, it seemed, a hit-and-hope tactic. 

Soon Swansea had worked their way into the game and had several chances of their own via short corner routines and some intricate play down both the flanks.  The first half finished 0-0 with both sides wary that he teams seemed very evenly matched.

The second half began with Swansea taking the initiative and forcing Marlborough back by loading the midfield and forward areas with extra players.  After several goal scares Marlborough were able to break with devastating effect thanks to right wing maestro Matt Ashton’s fast paced run and pass which found an unmarked Matt Osborne who was able to score with ease. 

Swansea responded by pushing more forwards higher still and were rewarded for their efforts after a miscued aerial found its way in to the ‘d’ and was then calmly despatched by the surprised Swansea striker.

With the score level and with ten minutes to go both teams were aware that the next goal would most likely be the decider. It was Swansea who stepped forward and claimed the lead after a by-line run and an acute angle shot. 

Marlborough pressed as feverishly as they could in the remaining time but were unable to find the vital equalising goal.