Golden Team GB keeper Maddie Hinch gives Marlborough Hockey Club ladies a spin on Twitter

Written by Tony Millett.

Maddie Hinch's re-tweetMaddie Hinch's re-tweetIt was just a routine evening training session for the goalkeepers of Marlborough Hockey Club's ladies squad.

Then first team goalie and joint captain, Vicky Moxham (on the left wearing the Marlborough News Online logo) and four junior goalies started testing their acceleration with some noisy charges off the goal line. 

And Club Vice Chairman Sarah Kendall snapped a fabulous photo (below) - catching the fun and enthusiasm of the moment.

The photo went onto the Club's twitter feed and was picked up by Maddie Hinch who was Team GB's goalkeeper in Rio and saved the vital shoot-out goal to take the gold medal for the team - beating the Netherlands, their long term rivals.

Twenty-seven year-old Maddie Hinch - known as 'Mads' or 'Mad Dog' (because of her bravery) - has 32,600 followers on Twitter.

She re-tweeted it to her followers with an appropriate message:  "Haha Love this @MarlboroughHC!! - goalkeepers are a special breed."

It is estimated that nine million people watched the Rio ladies hockey final and such an exciting finish to the tournament should give ladies hockey a real lift in Britain.

The goalies' training session that went round the Twitter-sphereThe goalies' training session that went round the Twitter-sphere