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Hockey: five goals from Marlborough ladies delight the team’s home supporters

Rachel Cox makes a run towards goalRachel Cox makes a run towards goalMarlborough       5     Swanage & Wareham      1

Marlborough were all fired up to maintain their winning streak as they entertained Swanage and Wareham for the final home game of the season.

Marlnborough started strongly with making great passages of play - with streaming moves down both left and right sides of the pitch from Annabel Ashley, Sophie Fynn, Rachel Cox, Ness Pickford-Smith and linking passes to forwards Jess Pugh, Alex Crosby-Jones and Milly Dawson.

There were plenty of attempts on goal and a rush of short corners. Marlborough were unfortunate not to find the back of the net on a number of occasions and the opposition's goalkeeper was keeping them in the game.

Keeping the pressure high and executing their passes well, Marlborough finally got their first goal. A hard reverse shot from Jess Pugh, rebounded perfectly to Sophie Fynn's stick and with a clean finish it was 1-0 to Marlborough.

Defending Swanage & Wareham's breaks, the Marlborough defence were on top and reducing their passes into the D. Hard work from Beth Palfrey Tori Williams and Annabel Ashley out wide, and Anna Scott and Emily Carter-Davies transferring around the middle, allowed Marlborough to utilise the space.

That's a goal for MarlboroughThat's a goal for Marlborough  ...and that's another...and that's another

With an unlucky bouncy ball into the D hitting one of the Marlboroughs' defenders foot, the opposition had their first short corner. They got a glimmer of hope, but with a cracking save from Vicky Moxham, and the follow up clearance, Marlborough were back on the attack.

At half time Marlborough were only 1-0 and the second half started hard - but a little bit rockily.

With great play from Rachel Cox in the middle linking to all players,  Neve Beer, Ness Pickford-Smith, Lou Griffiths, Milly Dawson, and Sophie Fynn were putting lots pressure on the opposition defence.

Another strong strike from Jess Pugh and the defender stopping the ball on the line with their foot, Marlborough were awarded a penalty shot. The team had time to have a little chat and get their composure back. With a perfectly executed flick from Jess, the keeper had no chance, and it was 2-0 to Marlborough.

Jess Pugh takes the penalty shot...with a fine flickJess Pugh takes the penalty shot...with a fine flick  ...job done...job done

Taking advantage of the momentum, Marlborough were pushing hard and fast. There were cracking hits from Neve Beer and Ness Pickford-Smith across the D, but no sticks could finish them off. All the hard work finally paid off with a short corner that allowed Rachel Cox to score her first goal of the game, with a perfectly placed shot in the corner.

The opposition were not giving up just yet, with a few breaks and some fast players, meant the Marlborough defenders had some work to do. But with solid work from the back, Swanage & Wareham were finding it difficult to get into the D.  When they did Vicky Moxham was ready and waiting to make sure nothing was getting in her goal.

With some great linking passes through the defence, midfield and forwards, another goal was looming. A whopping strike from Rachel Cox from the top of the D which no goal keeper could save, increased Marlborough's lead to 4-0.

There was excellent composure throughout the team. Marlborough were playing  hockey their way and the opposition were none too happy .

Swanage and Wareham's short corner goalSwanage and Wareham's short corner goalAnother Marlborough attack followed and Sophie Fynn slotted the ball home.

The game was not over just yet, with Swanage & Wareham still persistently looking for the break. They were awarded a short corner for their efforts. With a perfectly performed move and a good bending slap from the right slip, they scored their first goal of the game.

How did the supporters sum up the morning's work? "A really brilliant result for their last home game of the season."

A much-deserved Marlborough News Online Player of the Match went to Sophie Fynn, for her fast, skilful play throughout the game - and two excellent goals.

Marlborough ladies first team travel to Warminster next week to play West Wilts for a clash between the second and third teams in the league.

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  • Silbury-Sunset---10-06-08-----07
  • Marlborough-2013-04-18 St Peters
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