Hockey: a Saturday of mixed fortunes - Marlborough ladies' two draws and a rather unlucky loss

Written by Beth Palfrey on .


West Wilts      1             Marlborough     1
Another early start for the Marlborough ladies first team with a 0900 meet time at Kingsdown School, Warminster for their third league game of the season this time against West Wilts.

The first half started well, apart from Milly Dawson who had a little slip up as the whistle blew, with Marlborough almost immediately becoming a threat in the circle after a lovely couple of passes across and up the pitch.  Unfortunately nothing became of it.

For a while the game was a little like ping pong with Marlborough creating scoring opportunities and West Wilts bouncing back. Marlborough stayed strong, not allowing West Wilts a goal, with crucial tackling from fullbacks Anna Scott and Emily Carter-Davies - who also managed a few successful aerials over the West Wilts press.

Towards the end of the first half, West Wilts were awarded a penalty stroke after goalkeeper Vicky Moxham was deemed to have fouled one of their players at the top of the circle.  West Wilts went one up.

After a first half in which Marlborough couldn’t quite get the goals they needed, the ladies ate their jelly babies, and got back onto the pitch determined to score.

The second half started out once again like a game of ping pong, but slowly Marlborough gained the possession of play and began to settle into their own game. Lovely play from Annabel Ashley up the right combined with Tori Williams, Sophie Fynn and Jess Davis across the middle, resulted in some fantastic opportunities at goal.

But once again Marlborough couldn’t quite get the goal scoring touch. Thankfully in the middle of the second half, they did finally get the much-anticipated goal with a reverse strike from Neve Beer.  After the goal Marlborough created more and more opportunities, receiving plenty of short corners in their favour, but unfortunately West Wilts held their ground resulting in a final score of 1-1. Player of the Match went to a very well deserving Annabel Ashley with her amazing runs up and down the pitch and generally very good play. The ladies are back on home soil for next week's game against Swanage.

Charlie Bowman on Marlborough Ladies second team's away fixture with Salisbury Third Team:
Last week the ladies second team had an extremely promising 5-2 win against Swindon Seconds - which meant they went into this week’s match as a far more confident side.

The match started with a fast tempo and Marlborough quickly realised that this was going to be a tough match. Marlborough played with a slightly different formation this week and unfortunately were missing our keeper and so Lou Gostling bravely faced the task of kitting up and playing right at the back with Mimi Watts, Charlie Bowman and Anna Gent playing in the centre in front of her.

Marlborough had a few  chances but the forwards Meg Aujla, Verity Langfield and Nyah Brooks were unlucky not to convert.

The Sailsbury side then got one fairly quick goal after a fast break by one of their quick forwards - who ended up getting four of the opposition's five goals).

Marlborough fought back with Jen Moffat and Ciara Blackstock working very hard to push the ball up towards our D to give the forwards opportunities. Verity Langfield was able to convert a great strike making it 1-1.   Despite having most of the possession, a couple of mistakes left big gaps and Sailsbury were able to get two quick goals - leaving the score 3-1 at the end of the first half.

Half time came and with a positive team chat from our captain Lou Gostling we went into the second half with the hope that we would get a few more chances. This week it was not to be and so unfortunately the Sailsbury side converted two more and so the final result was 5-1.

Mimi Watts showed her skill and pace throughout the game was awarded the well-deserved Player of the Match for her incredible work rate.

Daisy Beckwith on the Ladies third team's home game against West Wilts - another draw:

This Saturday's match was the team's toughest match so far. West Wilts came out with a strong competitive team.

Marlborough knew they'd have a job to win this match. Captain Daisy Beckwith won the first push back which gave Marlborough the upper hand in the first 15 minutes, pushing up high into West Wilts quarter with a few shots into the D.   

However West Wilts Goalkeeper and defence made it difficult for Marlborough to convert to a goal. With a quick break West Wilts brought the ball and two forwards into Marlborough's D. Fliss Batten, Sarah Kendal and Deb Dellar defended their D, Issy Davis in goal looked very intimidating and West Wilts lost possession.

Joanne Henry came off the right wing to receive the ball and with Millie Prentice then worked a one two pass up the right crossing the ball to Zara Newman who crossed the ball again and Annabel Prowse deflected into goal on the back post.

West Wilts heads went down giving Marlborough a chance for one-two passes between Millie Prentice and Zara Newman into West Wilts quarter and a pass to Millie Morgan who tipped the ball into goal - two-nil to Marlborough at half time.

Back on the pitch the rain started. West Wilts took the ball fiercely straight into Marlborough's D, past Karen Davis who hassled hard in defence, and lifted toward goal, Issy narrowly missing the lifted ball.

Marlborough then tracked back fast to their D following a quick legged West Wilts forward into the D. She was met by Issy Davis who defended her goal fantastically. Other West Wilts players had caught up and a triangular pass around Marlborough's defence ended with a very stylish goal from West Wilts.  At the whistle the score was level at two goals each.

Player of the match was Issy Davis who was such an asset to our team on Saturday. Next week Marlborough travel away to Corsham.