Hockey: Entering 2019 in style - Marlborough mens' victory over top of the league side Swansea

Written by Hamish Fyfe & Nyah Brooks on .

Swansea on the back foot: Matt Osbourne reaches for a high ball Swansea on the back foot: Matt Osbourne reaches for a high ball Hamish Fyfe reports:  The home game (January 12) started evenly until Marlborough won a short corner, from which Matt Osbourne skilfully put away a good ball from the top of the circle, scoring the first goal of the game. 



Marlborough continued to pile the pressure on Swansea and created a number of good chances to score, but were thwarted by some good defending. Eventually, another short corner led to a second goal for the home side, this time by Anil Sud. 

Tension increased and Swansea began to pile even more pressure onto Marlborough. After some gallant defending from Jones and Milts, another dubious short corner was awarded, this time for the away side.  This led to Swansea's first goal. 

Marlborough continued to create chances though, and Swansea looked vulnerable at the back.

Half-time was welcomed by Marlborough. After a change of formation at the break, the men in green were keen to take the game back to Swansea. 

Following a strong start to the second half, Marlborough put two more goals past the league leaders. First, a brilliant aerial from Milts managed to outfox two Swansea defenders and left Fyfe with another 1-on-1 with the keeper, which he finally managed to put away. 

Secondly, a great interception from JB allowed him to burst through into the opposition D where he passed to Fyfe for Marlborough’s fourth. 

At 4-1 with 15 minutes to play, the home side knew they would have to fight until the final whistle to secure victory. After some good play, Swansea won another short corner - from which they scored. 

Some very resilient defending, however, removed any chance of a capitulation and Marlborough won a fantastic game against the league leaders finishing 4-2 up.  Every man on the pitch worked his socks off for each other and it was a well deserved victory. 

Hamish Fyfe was chosen as Man of the Match.

Marlborough Ladies third team are victorious - and goal happy - in their first match of the 2019 season

Nyah Brooks reports:  On Saturday, 12 January 2019, the Marlborough Ladies third team travelled to Wells in Somerset on what was a very early cold morning to play against Wells City Acorns. After a team talk by Captain Elsie Slater, with help from Karen Davis and Debbie James, our 12-strong players were eager to get going.

Marlborough went out determined to win. Holding possession well, making great passes, using the width of the pitch as well as driving forward really made the Wells City Acorns’ defence work hard to keep the Ladies 3rds out of the D. 

With Kirsten Steel scoring the first goal from the edge of the D, made our team spirit ignite. Unfortunately, Kirsten had a very short game due to an injury to her knee and with our only substitution being made we were down to 11 players.

Heads up and with grit and determination our forwards, Elsie, Bea and Micah and our midfields, Imogen, Nyah and Ellie made some lovely passes around players. With many shots at goal, Nyah Brooks took the rebound from the goalie and hit a hard reverse sweep making Marlborough another goal up. Not long after the whistle went for half time.

With great play from our defensive line, Karen, Evie, Debbie and Jane it was hard for the other team to get through. Unluckily a strong hit from the opposition meant they managed to score a goal. 

Many short corners were awarded to us and a great injection from Micah and a powerful strike by Debbie James, we added another goal to our score. With 4 more goals in the second half by Bea, Elsie and two more from Nyah, it left us with a fantastic result of a 7-1 win.