Hockey: Mighty Marlborough’s wonderful win - Ladies first team's 4-2 victory over Weymouth

Written by Issy Davies & Andy Davidson on .

The Ladies' Firsts who beat WeymouthThe Ladies' Firsts who beat WeymouthIssy Davies reports:  After an early start, Marlborough arrived in Weymouth eager for a win. A strong start saw Marlborough pressurising the ball and making some tremendous tackles.  

Within the first ten minutes, Jess Davis received a pass and drove down the right. She made a precise pass to Catherine Manley who was square and in a perfect position. Catherine took a shot on goal that was saved by the keeper. Jess got the rebound and passed to Bella Busby who scored from the post. 

Emily Carter-Davies and Anna Scott worked well to distribute the ball through Weymouth’s press to Beth Palfrey and Amy Davidson who drove the lines with sensational skill. This again led to some attacking play. 

A long corner taken by Rachel Cox led her to drive the baseline and slot the ball into the far corner between the keeper's legs - 2-0 to Marlborough.

Marlborough continued with fire but were caught on the break - leading to a short corner being given against them. A goal from Weymouth dimmed Marlborough’s spirits. 

After half time Marlborough returned ready to win. An unfortunate catch on the break meant that the team was caught out and the ball ended up in the Marlborough net.  

The Greens take the ball...The Greens take the ball...Very quickly after this goal, Marlborough was determined to score again. Issy Davies she was making crucial saves to keep Marlborough in the game. 

Milly Dawson showed a great work rate and made some lovely leads. A long corner taken by Rachel Cox dropped the ball back to Anna Scott, who then slapped the ball, which hit the P spot and Rachel reversed swept the ball neatly into the net : 3-2 to Marlborough.

More great runs from the forward line meant Kitty Cleaver and Alice Thompson connected with passes between the lines and also put in some tip-top tackles. Marlborough were determined to improve their lead. 

A sideline ball from Jess saw some silky skills and - unmarked on the baseline - she slipped the ball back to Bella who calmly pushed the ball straight over the line. 

Final score 4-2 to Marlborough - great win with lots of positives for the ladies to take away.  Amy Davidson was named player of the match for some excellent tackles and spectacular speed on the line.

Marlborough Men’s Second team 4-2 victory over Cirencester

Andy Davidson reports:  A grey, cold and miserable Saturday morning was the backdrop as Marlborough 2s took on Cirencester at home. 

Although below us in the league, Cirencester had been on a fine run of form and a good game was in prospect. It didn’t disappoint. 

The first half began at a high tempo with the visitors pressing high and cramping Marlborough for room. Just as the home side were beginning to settle into some better patterns of play, Cirencester launched a counter attack that resulted in their left winger attempting a reverse stick strike from the far left of the D. 

Bizarrely, the miscued shot somehow ballooned up high into the air, destined to land somewhere around the penalty spot. Any defensive worries were quickly allayed as Rob Hues called ‘mine’. Rob then proceeded to take the ball out of the murky skies and volley it with some power. Sadly, he volleyed it directly into our own net. 

Marlborough responded well with 'overseas signing', Mark Ramage, firing several cutting passes into the opposition D. The home side were now winning more and more ‘shorts’ with Playfair causing the opposition real problems with his signature mazy dribbles. 

Another short saw Ramage thunder the ball into the far post and Marlborough went into half-time 2-1 up.

In the second half, Marlborough pressed far more aggressively and starting winning short after short. Now leading 3-1, the home side took control of the game. Despite our dominance, Cirencester scored a breakaway goal from one of our short corners to make it 3-2 and this threatened to halt the momentum Marlborough had built. 

The best moment of the game came five minutes from the end as Nick Jepson picked up the ball on the top of the D and unleashed an absolute pile driver into the top corner. The crowd, all five men and a dog, collectively gasped and spontaneous applause erupted throughout the town. What a goal! What a time to be alive!

This topped a cracking performance by Nick Jephson and he just nicked Man of the Match from Lewis Davies who is proving a good bit of business in the January transfer window from the Thirds. Next week the Seconds move onto Bristol UWE.