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Marlborough High Street from the top of St Peter's Church towerMarlborough High Street from the top of St Peter's Church towerFor over eight hundred years, people have been coming to Marlborough to shop.  King John granted the town its charter in 1204 and the twice-weekly market survives to this day.  

In the 17th century Marlborough High Street was described as having “on both sides many goodly shops well filled with rich and costly commodities, silks and tafety, cloath, and lace, linnen and woolen, gold and silver. No braver wares can be had or bought in London.”  

Those who visit Britain’s widest high street might argue that not much has changed today.  And while Marlborough’s traders continue to offer customers the very best of whatever it is they sell – there's plenty to do and so outside of our fine retail establishments.





St Mary' Church and Town HallSt Mary' Church and Town HallMarlborough High StreetMarlborough High StreetThe historic Sun Inn, since renamed 'The Marlborough'The historic Sun Inn, since renamed 'The Marlborough'Town HallTown Hall



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