Nigel Hudson: 'Savernake Light' at The White Horse

Written by Neil Goodwin on .

BLUE DAWNBLUE DAWNSavernake photographer Nigel Hudson will be exhibiting 'Savernake Light - Photographs from the Forest' at The White Horse Bookshop between 16 October and 2 November.


Nigel regards the Savernake Forest as his spiritual home. It’s a place that never fails to inspire him, regardless of the seasons and the prevailing weather.  The images in this exhibition are the result of many hours of observation and an intimate knowledge of the forest’s ever-changing personality. 


“The forest is a complex story of structure and color, but the most defining element is light … the narrative on which the story hinges. What excites me as a photographer is bringing these three elements together in a single image. An image that leaves the viewer with a sense of place”  - Nigel Hudson August 2019


Now (nearly) retired from the corporate world Nigel is developing his own work, deriving much of his inspiration from his local area and in particular his immediate surroundings of Savernake Forest. 


Before Savernake Nigel's world was corporate: a freelance professional photographer, commissioned by some of the biggest brands and travelling the world on their behalf.  Clients such as The Travel Corporation, Sainsbury’s, Barclays, Royal bank of Scotland, TWA, 02, Yahoo, B & Q and The Royal Air Force.  Nigel’s passion and commitment ensured that he was able to develop relationships with his clients that lasted for many years.


Photography took over when Nigel studied at St Martin's School of Art in London in the mid-Seventies.  After St Martin's he assisted many photographers in London … acquiring technical, practical and creative skills that would be the foundation of a successful forty-year career as a freelance professional photographer.


However, he is quick to maintain that great photography comes from inside.  Nigel worked for a time at Holborn Studios in London.  Many of the photographers who worked there were the great and the good of the day … David Bailey, Barry Latagen, Terence Donovan, Clive Arrowsmith and Norman Parkinson.  Inspirational people who forged their reputations not because of their technical prowess, but because of their personalities.


Enjoy a sample below of Nigel's exhibition at The White Horse Bookshop