Pop-up restaurant offers a caveman menu

Written by Peter Davison on .

 Adam WildingAdam WildingA pop-up restaurant serving the food our distant ancestors would have eaten will open its doors in the heart of the Savernake Forest next month.

Chef Adam Wilding and butcher Robin Shattock are laying on a banquet of wild plants and animals at the Savernake Supper Club on Saturday, November 22.

Fun and informative talks from guest speakers including Roger Philips, Bill Ankworth, and Richard Paget all come as part of the £35 cover.

The event will be held at the Old Sawmill at Warren Farm, St Kathaerines, which recently underwent a £250,000 makeover.

The menu will be based on the fashionable paleo diet - also popularly referred to as the caveman diet, Stone Age diet and hunter-gatherer diet – which eschews ‘farmed’ foods like grain, pulses and dairy in favour of fruit, nuts and meat.

Adam sad: “We had the thought to theme a supper club around the paleo diet, which incorporates ingredients that were eaten by our ancestors through the period from 10,000 to 10 million years ago.

“The Old Sawmill seemed a fitting environment for this due to its location on the edge of the forest.

“The paleo diet isn’t well known by the population at large, though certain scientists believe that the human body has evolved eating this diet and it can lead to greater health and potentially fight certain modern illnesses”

Robin added: “We’ve are receiving great enthusiasm and guidance from specialist food growers, foragers and business owners in the area. It’s because of their input that the evening is set to become a huge success.

“Tickets have recently gone on sale in various local pubs and food based shops, where they are now selling fast. We aim to cater for up to 160 guests on the night, which is an interesting challenge.”

Although ticket sales will be targeted at individuals and businesses within food and agriculture, the experience is open to anyone with a love of real food.

The ticket price includes a five-course banquet. Locally brewed craft ale, cider and selected wine are also on offer.

For details log on to www.facebook.com/ancestralpopup