"Please listen to us…" St. John’s student appeals to Wiltshire Council over the future of St.Peter’s School building

Written by Ruby Pike on .

Ruby Pike outside St.Peter’s School buildingRuby Pike outside St.Peter’s School buildingIn 2016 when Marlborough’s infant and junior schools merged under the name Marlborough St Mary’s, the Marlborough magazine Tower and Town devoted a special issue to St Peter’s Junior School - before the name vanished into history.


One of the articles - in the form of a letter to Wiltshire Council - was written by Ruby Pike then in Year 6.  In the letter Ruby promotes the idea of maintaining “the iconic and historic elements” of the St. Peter’s School building by turning it into a community centre for the benefit of all ages in the town.

[Click on image to enlarge it][Click on image to enlarge it]Last week marlborough.news caught up with Ruby, now in Year 8 at St. John’s Academy, to see what her current views are:

When I walk past the St. Peter's building I get a sense of pride knowing that this was my primary school and it's saddening to see it being left to rot and go to ruin as an empty shell after it was left two years ago when the school moved. 


This iconic historic building played such a huge part in the education of Marlborough and served the community for over 100 years. So surely the community should get a say in what happens to the original St Peter's building.

The amount of space inside and surrounding the building could offer a wide range of activities based on the community's wants and needs. 

Recently a For Sale sign has been stuck on the front of the building. It would be such a shame for this amazing building with so much potential to be sold for purposes such as housing or flats. 

It's finally time for Wiltshire council to take into consideration how the local community of Marlborough feels about this. As St. Peter's is a listed building it cannot be knocked down - although I am sure if it is abandoned and unloved for much longer it will fall to the ground. 

My parents, grandparents and even great grandparents attended St. Peter's and the grammar school before that.  This building holds so many happy memories for my family and so many others living in and around Marlborough. 

If St. Peter's were to be sold privately it would be like erasing its entire existence destroying so many happy and sad memories for so many people. 

St. Peter's is something that Wiltshire should be proud of.  An amazing 20th century building serving the community for over 100 years! 


It's time for change!


You can find the Tower and Town 'St Peter's Celebratory Edition' - inlcuding Ruby's original letter to Wiltshire Council - at:  http://towerandtown.org.uk/pdfs/71521243892016127974852740.pdf