From Councillor Margaret Rose - The High Street Clean–Up

Written by Councillor Margaret Rose on .

Re. your report entitled ‘Just one lone volunteer answers the urgent call to clean up Marlborough’s High Street’
Unfortunately I was unable to attend the clean-up day, not because of disinterest but unfortunately I had just been discharged from the Great Western Hospital after 5 days of being on antibiotic drip for a major infection in my hand, and still remain under under the Gt Western care and have to take  antibiotics for the next 3 weeks
Also the Mayor and  Cllr Dobson who have supported me so  strongly with the Victorian Cemetery are on a well deserved holiday but would have been the first to roll up their sleeves.
I can not answer for the general public on how you catch their imagination, also  some shops unless they are locally owned managers have to consult with the head office.
Councillor Margaret Rose