Proposed retirement flats at Granham Hill garage: “Totally inappropriate for this site”

Written by Anne Crawley on .



This development is totally inappropriate for this site.  The roundabout is very congested already at school opening and closing times and this will be made much worse by building 27 new units with the attendant coming & going of servicing trades.  

The parking provision is inadequate - these days most families have two cars and the plans have only one parking space per flat with a couple of spares, for visitors.

My most serious objection is the one you have brought to our attention - Marlborough is over-provided with geriatric housing and if it were not for the two local secondary schools it would become a sad place to live in.  

We need homes for the young people growing up in Marlborough, not units designed by profiteering developers for the over 60's.

Congratulations on bringing us Marlborough News Online. I always enjoy reading it and it is an excellent way of informing the community about important local events.

Anne Crawley