Revised Crown Estates plans for Salisbury Road are open for comment/objection

Written by Sara Daw on .


The new application by Crown Estates for up to 175 houses plus a hotel is now open to objection/comments on the Wiltshire Planning website and I urge people to do just that, for it is THEIR Marlborough and its future lies within their hands.

In my view, and now many, many others, this application remains fundamentally flawed, with no acceptance of the real bedlam that this additional surge in daily traffic will cause. A Toucan crossing may actually cause more traffic queues, and with the constant flow of lunchtime visitors to the subway outlet and Tesco this will add more frustration, adding to the melee.

The gas and oil pipelines are major stumbling blocks and I do not believe a housing development should be even considered here on such sensitive land. The strange and alarming notion of pumping out waste water, to get around the long list of requirements set by Thames Water, see Amec Foster Wheeler letter on revised plans at website, on land that houses a major borehole for the town.

The building on an area of registered outstanding natural beauty, the loss of a good part of a livelihood for a working tenant farmer, who has farmed these fields for years and years, and now has no real say in the matter of its potential destruction, and the fencing off of a beloved and stunning railway walk, lovingly maintained by generations of local people such as myself. Madness - pure and simple.

We eagerly await a neighbourhood plan, we have until 2026 to fulfil our housing requirement, we have not yet exhausted all brownfield locations, let us be clever then in working together to achieve a more sensible conclusion. I urge therefore all to read the plans, comment and object before November 19.

Thank you.
Sara Daw

The documents can be read on the Wiltshire Council planning website.