As a remainer.....

Written by Dr Nick Maurice on .


As an unashamed internationalist and "remainer" and not a member of any political party at the time of the referendum, I must challenge David Sherratt who writes that those who voted remain "might want to place obstacles in the Prime Minister's way" and refers to our reasonable questions about the terms under which we shall leave the EU as these "antics".

Let's be clear.  I have sufficient respect for our political masters to believe that they fundamentally have the best interests of the country at heart.  And yet, when it came to the referendum the Conservative party was split down the middle with e.g. Prime Minster Cameron, George Osborne Chancellor and Home Office Secretary, Theresa May voting remain and Michael Gove, Justice Secretary, and Boris Johnson, now Foreign Secretary voting leave.  In other words our political leaders themselves did not know what was best for Britain.

The problem for all of us, including David Sherratt, was that while we had some idea of the implications of remaining, we'd been there, after all, for 43 years, none of us had any idea what the implications of leaving would be and we still don't!  And we won't know until the deal is done.

Does not living in a democracy mean that we have the right to challenge the Government as it goes through the process of leaving the EU, no matter which party we belong to or whether we are Brexiteers or Remainers to ensure that we get the best deal, not least for the poorest members of our country?

Dr Nick Maurice