Climate change: urgent plea to Claire Perry MP

Written by Jo Ripley on .


“It is now time for Government, and for Parliament, to act. Climate change is happening, not waiting. It is neither justifiable nor wise to delay further.”  This is from the 2017 Committee on Climate Change Report to Parliament.



Our MP, Claire Perry is the recently appointed Minister for Climate Change and she should hear from as many of us as possible about the importance - spelt out in this report - that “action to tackle climate change can no longer be postponed”.

The UK has been a leader in the past on action on climate change and we should challenge Claire Perry to ensure that we regain that position. The Government must publish its plan ASAP to reduce emissions and help mitigate climate impacts, resulting in cleaner air, growth in a low-carbon economy, food security and biodiversity protection.


For starters, our Government should shift its millions of pounds support for fossil fuels towards clean energy. Public finance support across the G20 countries is almost four times more to fossil fuels than to clean energy.


Unless things change fast – within the next three years - experts are now warning that the world will “face a crescendo of devastating impacts”.  

Claire Perry, please take heed!

Jo Ripley